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AstroFx  Two Guys Creating A Forex Empire ✉: 🔻Verified Forex Journey

At the top it’s just us. #Astrofx #PJ

Like this is you trade to travel 🌍 #Astrofx #Justneeddata #GBPUSD

As mentioned today, I started a mini trading mission to test myself a month ago with @thetradersdomain

I started small: 4600 dollars and I plan to grow it for no reason. Feel free to follow this MYfxbook account.
Current balance: 140k... 95 trades deep with a 85% win rate this far... Floating equity: 400,000 USD on GBPJPY.
Always good to test yourself to level up in life.

This weeks Market Breakdown is now available to watch! View @bobbietrades thoughts on the past week, and what to expect for this week!

Click the link below:

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Something exciting is happening. 10 hours remaining.

#EverythingFX #TuneIn #Forex #FX #Cryptocurrency

It’s been an insane week for the majors... EURUSD broke 1.1550 as mentioned.

Now time for the GOLD price to gain some strength and accelerate up to $1312!

What are your 💭... Lovely price action on the daily TF with $1295 Holding strong 💪🏻

Euro dollar 💵
May we see 1.1560 over the next few days.

Wishing everybody a great week ahead ✌🏻

Where to next ? 🧐🤨

Amazing 🇮🇸 #BlueLagoon

Chilling out today at the blue lagoon spa, iceland 🇮🇸 Markets are quiet 🤫However GOLD is sitting still on solid support: $1318 after creating a multi week high: 1326.

1331 May now be the next upside leg target for this metal... Watch out for bullish P.A into the start of the week. 👨🏻‍💻

#Repost @amannatt
Myself & the team @cryptonary decided to create a small project between us consisting of a mini portfolio of $39,000 to show our belief in the new @cryptonary call posted to the members a month ago, this being separate to our other portfolio’s and individual holdings of course. Exactly one month later, over 360% increase from the new crypto call alone and some well timed buys fully documented to the public, the account now sits at nearly $350,000! Very overwhelming to see that the crypto is about to surpass all time high’s despite the rest of the crypto market falling.... Cryptonary members have already made 10’s of thousands by taking action on this call💰$8,000 profit was taken from the portfolio after a 150% gain was made and now we are sitting back as we expect this portfolio to surpass $1Million by July and over $2Million by the year end where we plan to make a withdrawal in the high 6 figures or maybe even $1Million + 🤔 Now that members have made over 360% we will be releasing this to the public shortly alongside a NEW crypto that will be documented live with a 5-figure buy in. We are expecting this to be the driver being this test portfolio exceeding $5Million by 2018 year end🙏🏽 If so I buy everyone a whiskey 🔑 #Whiskeyforall #Growth #Moneyforall #Cryptonary

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