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Christina Hammock Koch  NASA Astronaut currently living onboard the @iss.

‪Moon set from last weekend showing how the atmosphere acts like a lens! Denser layers bend the light more, making the moon appear flatter as light reflected off of it travels through the denser atmosphere of Earth.‬

In a few moments, what’s in my hands will be in the vacuum of space. Working with Anne McClain prepping the platform of the facility airlock on @iss that allows us to move equipment and experiments between the inside and outside. Then, a robotic arm takes over and can install them almost anywhere on station.

Three’s company! Did you know that microgravity causes changes in immune systems? Today three of us got to work in tandem, using the @iss as a test bed to study these changes, with the goal to improve vaccines and therapies for treating diseases and cancers on Earth.

Incredible ocean dynamics from the @iss around the island of #Bali. Looking forward to it filling in at Keramas for the @wsl championship tour final rounds. #SwellFromSpace

Needing big G’s in micro-G. Loading up the centrifuge to prep samples for deep freeze and later return to Earth for analysis. The @iss is a laboratory packed with facilities and equipment for the 200+ experiments happening every expedition!

A couple times a year, the @iss orbit happens to align over the day/night shadow line on Earth. We are continuously in sunlight, never passing into Earth’s shadow from the Sun, and the Earth below us is always in dawn or dusk. Beautiful time to cloud watch. #nofilter

Lined up, even from the @iss. Watching the sets wrap in over Raglan Bay, New Zealand. #SwellFromSpace

Like a line in the sand, the magnificent Front Range as it meets Boulder and Denver.

Like a line in the sand, the magnificent Front Range as it meets Boulder and Denver.

Alexey, @astrohague and I recently conducted a 6-person routine emergency drill inside the Rassvet module where our Soyuz is docked. As astronauts, we must always be prepared in the case of unexpected contingencies!

The @iss orbital inclination gives us a straight shot connecting Bali and the beaches of Australia. Beautiful view of the competition sites as the @wsl championship tour bounces back and forth between the two. #swellfromspace

Incredible tissue-on-a-chip research is happening onboard the @iss! Why? Microgravity induces tissue changes that are also seen in progressive diseases on Earth, but here, these changes can happen over the course of weeks rather than years. Accelerating human health research in space to get disease prevention and treatment sooner on Earth!

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