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Astrid_S  ( ◠‿◠ )

He must be a professional photo bomber, stealing the focus

Jeg gikk nettopp forbi noen gule høyballer og fant ut at det er Barnekreftforeningen sitt prosjekt for å spre glede og positivitet. Det synes var utrolig fint! Håper alle har en fin søndag. Mange smil fra meg 😁💛

I just wanted to have one of those pictures where I eat instagram friendly food and look cute, but i gotta say - i didn’t really nail it this time. 3/10

Bop bop bop to the top. New music coming soon!!!! Ogmfjdljsonfkfødmbj


Bye nyc!!!! Fashion week was fun! But not as fun as being in the studio. See you soon LA 👋🏼🌴

Me and my haters

🎈 @teenvogue


Pls recomend some good places to go for food in nyc!!!!! <3

1 x 🍔 with 🥓 3 x 🍩 some 🍟 and 🥤 please <3

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