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Happy constitution day 💙🇳🇴💙

I tried to do the bunny ears on a stranger and he caught me and i pretended like nothing and then we took a picture together and now we’re friends


If you don’t like taco, i’m nacho type 🤰🏼

It’s been two years since Hurts So Good was released. Still one of my favorite songs and a year I’ll never forget. Can’t wait to put out new music!!!


Hello instagram!!! I haven’t posted a picture in so long (it feels like). Here you have a slide of all my different moods this past month. As you can see, life is pretty chill and fun, but also sometimes confusing. Still working on my album and my deadlifts (if you could tell by the marks on my legs). I also started biting my nails again after i quit two years ago. But life has its ups and downs and that’s ok. :) 🎢 Later!!

Hello from the very windy coast of norway 🌬

I realized, nipples are just like opinions. We all have them, yet women have to hide theirs

I’M not at Coachella, but this mirror in my hotel room has great lighting(!!), so I was just singing some karaoke to Beyoncé with my hair brush in front of it. So it kind of counts. K bye 👍🏽

Reposting this cus it’s JULIE’s BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Happy happy happy birthday I love you very much, I like you a lot, and I think you’re super cool <3

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