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Astrid N. Febriyanti  Joy seeker and a deluded fangirlπŸ™Œ All my social media are entitled the same

Sorry but this photo is waayy to cool for not to be posted 😎😎😎 What a worth bangun pagi dengan sangat soro in 3am

Guys being fat is good but that's not my belly, itu cuman syal yang aku lipet lipet terus aku masukin perut karena dingin

Perjalanan tidak disangka
Membuat momen langka

5 orang menjadi newborn backpacker dengan jajan sekarung

Saat kartu bukan untuk mencari kemenangan tetapi mencari kekonyolan yang lama lama kesel juga ga menang menang.
Disaat yang lain menganggap anjing itu kebanyakan lucu kami malah ketakutan dikejar malam malam seperti maling.
Tak disangka pasir menjadi tempat bermain kesukaan kita apalagi kalo masuk ke sepatu(khususnya tull).
Disaat para turis senang berjalan kaki tanpa henti, setiap 50m kami berhenti duduk (khususnya aku dan galuh).
tak disangka juga kita jalan 15 km

Kami senang pulang gosong semuanya :'))

Ngaturaken sugeng riyadi, Nyuwun ngapunten sedoyo lepat

We are One! As Smanisda!

Thank you for smanisda '17 and all who have contributed in making this little sweet memories :) @cmykdesain ciamik!

HAHAHAHA boleh nahan ngguyu ga liat ekspresi mukanya

Rai meteges, wanita meteges, uripe sukses

Ew caption gilani dan meteges.. bye

So each of classes have a different vibes and personalities

Ips 1 - a very unique people exist inside, the boys are the quiet-obedient-smart but not all. they're most likely the inferior than a dominant type one..
The gurls are definitely the dominant one.. haha why do i said so? The population of pervert are much more exist in their side than the boys hahaha the true arisan type
Ips 2 - hahaha all various type of group exist here.. from the kpop one till the.... Wait all of the girls like kpop hahaha.. yep.. still the same.. girls-dominant here with full brains and lots of personality! It was great being with them! And those boys are definitely the type to "tidur" "ngelawak" "the every-words-i-said consist cok" hahaha but they're a true gentleman.. well most of.. Thanks for the whole 3 years,without you aku mungkin ga lulus SMA hahaha

EFOS, a place where i carved my most terrific memories, the real ideal of "From Zero to Hero" basically i can ensure you practice never betrays you are thanks to these wonderful people, so let me introduce them β€’ @aulynahdyan these dorky and funny girl are the kind of friend where you really want to get along with, she will dedicate herself to her task.. but sometimes selfish and that's necessary tho her brain is Goddess
β€’ @erikadfransiska my very first friend who i can get along with first time in EFOS,she will follows you everywhere and tell her cute love story everytime she mets you hahahaha.. she's the kind of "strict" mother type but she got the brain dan buaik pas casebuild
β€’ @nedzined she's fun to hangout with, but for some particular reason her childish personality tops everything and that's what make her zined.. the kind of uang berjalan.. lomba dimanapun selalu makan bareng dibayari hahaha.. sukses dan good luck nyari kuliah ned
β€’ @raflyso he's generous.. kaya tapi macak kere..used to be so innocent,menjauhi zina hahaha but i have no idea why, everytime i go he stick around with me.. and now he's desperately need a relationship.. despites all that his literally awesome.. he nailed every lomba sometimes with Best Speaker title on it too.. Thanks Teammate!
β€’ @calcarina.nira the loving mother type.. have a strong doctor ambisiousness and definitely be a great doctor someday, the loving and caring teammate.. a crybaby too.. and had a strong sense on every arguments in debate (the kind of mindblowing one)
β€’ @nahdialaela This girl are the true definition of cilik cilik cabe rawit.. she nailed every competition we face humbly.. well not all.. but she's the hardwork-type with a satisfiying result at the end,a loveable,and easy to talk about every problem i face hahaha.. can't define how much love i have towards her.. hahaha if i were gay i would choose her lol
So thanks for all the things you guys gave to me and
Special credits to all EFOS JUNIORS '16 & '17

Some of us will probably get married
Kelak 2 anak lebih baik!

Hi! It was a great time i spent with you, and let it be a story ya! Instagram is a platform to documentized your story kan :) I won't delete it,because i never regret those! But i will strive for the best!!! Semangatt buat kita πŸ’ͺ

Let's appreciate how i'm trying so hard to take an innocence picture
-sokaesthetic bye


Close enough
Let's say that's a book
Dan liriknya salah
And yes we are a die hard beauty and the beast fans.. so.does my sister name :)

Smanisda 2017
And soon will graduate

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