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Astri Aareskjold  17 β€’ πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄+πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ β€’ Stockholm β€’ Just a little pianist with far too big dreams 🎹 ~ And oh, teadrinker🌿 Watch my first YouTube video here:

This is a day I've dreaded for months. However, it's here. Today I turn 18, and I've decided not to let anxiety ruin my birthday. Because after all, we should celebrate life (being alive!), not an age, at least if we find the latter to be hmm a litte complicated. Or as my little brother wrote to me, not just this day should be good. There are 364 days left to celebrate in a year. And what's the big deal with turning 18? I'm just a few hours older than yesterday. So, happy birthday to litte big me πŸ’• here is a throwback to my 9th birthday, and a random smile. By the way, I share birthday with Maria JoΓ£o Pires, which makes me really proud πŸ˜‰

Let me present to you: THE piano which started my journey. I visited this place over a Christmas back in 2006, and during our stay I improvised and improvised. Then we went home. And I DEMANDED lessons. πŸ˜… So... I have this Weinbach to thank, for finding my passion πŸ»πŸ’• and then it was that incident in the toilet which I already told you about πŸ˜‚
Music had been an essential part of my life before that, I frequently visited the opera where my dad works, etc etc. But never had I been particularly interested in PIANO. Which instrument do you play?

(swipe right to see a happy duck in a beautiful pond, and my new best friend Frank) Today I practiced on a german piano from the stone age, I took a selfie with a discrete moose, and met Frank the pig. It was a glorious day and Frank agrees [Edit: He looks a little disappointed in me]

(~Tristan und Isolde, my favorite opera, reduction for piano~) Q+A part 3!! Q: Who is your favorite pianist?
A: I don't really have one. I prefer different pianists for different composers and recordings.
Q: If you got to play in any concert hall in the world, which would you preferably play in?
A: ahhh no!!!!!! Don't make me choose 😭 or yeah that's right I'll never get to play in any of them I'm sure😞

Q: Do you compose?
A: yes! Composing classes in school
Q: How do you train your ear? Do you take classes?
A: school also. But I SUCK at it!!!!!!! Q: Which excercises are the best IMO?
A: i've only tried Hanon πŸ™ƒ

Q: How do you approach a difficult piece?
A: reading the sheet music while listening to it, LOTS fingerings, and devotion. You can also read the historical context of the piece πŸ’•

Q: Do you consider yourself a professional?
A: You can't be serious πŸ˜…
Q: Why do you think classical music is important?
A: It's an inexhaustable treasure of culture.

Q: What is your favorite sad classical piece?
A: Brahms intermezzo op.117 no.1

Q: What is my favorite bach piece
A: French suite no.2, English suite no.3, Goldberg... Q: What do I do in days when I think I sound bad
A: I push myself until I feel I CAN'T play one more note. Then I am very sad and go home πŸ˜žπŸ™ƒ I listen to 70s music then!!!! When it's at the worst I can't stand classical piano in the subway because it makes me so disappointed in myself.

Q: Do you ever get tired or bored of piano?
A: No I don't. I have clear short-term and long-term goals, and they are what, along with the music itself, keeps me motivated 24/7.

Q: Do you have a long list of pieces you want to learn? Which pieces do you look forward to?
A: I have around 400 pieces in my list πŸ˜… I look forward to Chopin Polonaise-Fantaisie, Debussy etude no.2, Ravel Ondine, Stenhammar sonata no.4, Bach french suite no.2.... and MORE!!!!! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ Q: How many pieces do you work on at once?
A: Usually 1 chamber music, 1 concerto, 2 pieces very seriously, and like 10 pieces quite unseriously

Q: How do you practice a piece after learning it?
A: I look for more details in the scores. Slow practice.. seeing teachers/profπŸ’•

(~ Today's question: which are your favorite piano concertos?) Traveling through Norway again, this time not to play, but to see my family. However, I as usual keep my music very close to myself, physically, and always in heart and mind. 🐻 #chopin #concerto (by the way... I am a little too obsessed with this water I found πŸ˜‚)

I was not intending on filming anything today, but here you go, because I needed material for the Q+A πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‚ Piano questions now!!! Q: How big are your hands?
A: They are big πŸ’• sometimes I find them so big I think they are in the way!! πŸ˜†

Q: What is your ultimate goal?
A: To be able to share my passion for classical music. Through concert engagements and economic stability. = I'm hopeless πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ Q: My favorite pieces? (+ A piece you've always been dreaming of playing)
A: Scriabin sonata no.4, Prokofiev sonata no.3 and Toccata op.11, Chopin ballade no.1 and etude op.10 no.4, and lots of mazurkas and stuff. Liszt ballade no.2... Schumann Carnaval, DavidsbΓΌndlertΓ€nze, etc etc etc.
Always been dreaming of playing? Scriabin sonata no.4!!! And Ravel Gaspard de la nuit πŸ’•

Q: In which college/conservatory do you study?
A: I'm in high school in Stockholm πŸ˜… 1 year left!

Q: What instrument would you play if not piano? Do you only play the piano?
A: it would be... Violin πŸ’• I would love to make a violin sing. That's why I haven't started yet πŸ˜‚
I only play the piano yes.. Q: How did you start learning the piano/what made you choose the piano? Did someone make you take classes or was it your choice?
A: It was my choice COMPLETELY! I was on holiday in Norway during christmas, discovered their piano, started improvising, and was hooked. Since then I have demanded classes πŸ˜…πŸ˜† my parents asked me if there was any other instrument I wanted to play... I always said no. I knew it was the piano from the moment I started πŸ’•
I remember being 7 years old, and I visited the opera to hear "Aquarium" by Saint-Saens for piano and orchestra. Afterwards I cried in a toilet. Why? Because I would never be able to play the piece (which the pianist on the stage played).. Q: How much time do I spend on warm-up?
A: uhm.... None. Or, I play what I currently study, really slow, for like 15 minutes....

(oh well hello chapped lips nice to meet you) Wow, how many questions I got!!!! 😍 I will divide them into 3 posts. I start with the personal questions!!! Q: How old are you?
A: 17, turning 18 the 23rd of July πŸ’•

Q: Are you Norwegian?
A: Yep! And Swedish. Most Swedish I think. But also Norwegian. I feel so exotic.

Q: Of all the composers, who would you marry?
A: hah!! That's a fun one!!! Brahms.

Q: What hobbies do you have outside piano?
A: In this picture you see me doing one of the things I love doing outside the piano: taking walks!!!!! I love to explore nature and downtown Stockholm πŸ’•

Q: What are your favorite books and movies?
A: ohhh..... Movies? "Arrival" and "Cinema paradiso" and "Schindler's list". Books? I have no idea... I like classics, preferably from the romantic era.
Q: What is your favorite colour?
A: Dark blue!
Q: Which cities/places inspire you the most?
A: Like, all large cities with a lot of history, OR very modern urban ones. Stockholm is quite nice though πŸ˜‡

Q: Is Stockholm worth visiting for its architecture alone?
A: yep! It is! If you like old, quirky buildings.

Chopin nocturne op.27 no.2πŸ’• because this piece is from another world 🐻 oh alright back to practice.

After long consideration, I've decided to do another Q+A. Your questions can be about anything really! Like, how much I practice or if I would rather live on Mars. 😁 And PLEASE leave a question on this post or in DM, because if I get like super few questions then it's a little embarassing I even did a Q+A. πŸ˜‚ OK? (I answer in a new post once there are questions enough.)

Good vibes πŸ’• work in progress! I'm curious, what sonatas are your favorites?❓This piece means the world to me. I used to listen to it on my way to school when I was 13, and oh how I longed for the day when I finally would learn it. Today I enjoy practicing Scriabin's 4th sonata so much, because it fills my heart with such joy, every minute. Well, it's difficult, but PATIENCE Astri!!! πŸ™

Stopped by @krukorochkaffe and the best barista in town @lindaelizabethx made me a delicious cappuccino πŸ’• Tack!!! #newenergy #postpractice 🎹

Kind of the most inspiring practice room ever. Only ghosts in the audience, but I don't mind. πŸ‘»πŸ’•πŸŒΉ

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