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Thanks again to everyone who made our end of summer road trip memorable! To our good friends @gerylaurie for the always warm and welcoming hospitality; it's always great to see you! To @stephanie.rene_ and @galvan._.rigo; for touring us around downtown Seattle, and most importantly; @pratibhasunder for being my one and only queen traveling partner! 😘

Oh yeah, and thanks again Seattle for the car! #illtakebetterphotosofthem3later...

Still in search of an e46 m3. Please contact me if you have any leads or are selling yours! Already had two sellers flake on me and have lost $200 in canceled plane tickets. OVER IT.
Must be: 6MT
Sub 100k miles
Rod bearings, Vanos, and RSF sorted or in good condition
As many service records as possible
No grey interiors.
Photo I shot a few years back of @eddweirdo's lovely M!

This car has been so much more to me than just a box on wheels. Through my ownership, I have gained so much knowledge a huge new skill set. Before purchasing this money pit; I had limited experience wrenching on cars. My experience was limited to the basics; installing aftermarket parts on the ol' Subaru (like intakes, exhaust, suspension, etc.). The e30 started as a MAJOR piece of work as many of you may remember! It challenged me to adapt my skill set and detail oriented mindset to a wider ground. Actually, I have learned so many things because of this little car that I'm almost embarrassed to list them all! 😂 (including but not limited to: engine rebuilding/swapping, any maintenance work, suspension tuning, quality body and paint work, finishing work, restoration work, paint correction, detailing, sewing and upholstery, electronics and wiring, etc. etc. the list goes on and on!). As an Engineering student, this car gave me a one up among many of my peers. A form of knowledge not learned in the classroom environment, but the one learned at 1AM in the morning; bent three different ways underneath one ton of 80’s technology; solving the solution to the dilemma. Just as important were all the friendships I have formed. There are truly too many of you guys out there to list that have been a big supporting factor to this build. Pushing me through the hard times and sharing endless good laughs, good food, and good times. I'd like to thank the community of awesome people that own these old e30’s for being so supportive and friendly whenever I needed a hard to find component or a question answered!
My e30 went from the bunkiest of bunk 80's yuppie bimmers, to arguably one of the most respectable e30's in the Bay Area, and I couldn’t have done it without you guys! Today I say goodbye to the car that taught me so much. But as one door closes, another opens and a new project is on the way! One day I’ll be back in an e30. Maybe even the same one. Only time will tell!

Found a buyer, made a deal. She'll be going to her new home on Friday!
@e30jcup with the 📷

Bay goals

Just wanted to remind y'all that the e30 is up for sale. Check out the link in my bio for more info! Slide into the DM's if you're interested. I haven't posted it anywhere other than the forums yet so jump on it before I post it to the masses! (Ebay, CL, etc.) If you have a friend looking for a stupid clean e30, send this their way. $100 REWARD if you find me a buyer near asking price.

@mr325ix with a nice little video from our Fourth of July shenanigans!
@bavrest @yeee.thirty

The only car that really stood out to me at wekfest 2017 #wekfestSJ
Tag the owner if you know em'

Post photos of cool wheels on Wednesdays. Don't ask. Just do it. It's a car guy thing...

I used to think 16's were the perfect e30 wheel size if going for aggressive fitment. Then I looked at a side profile shot one day and it just didn't look right with the car lowered as mine was before. By going to 17's, I was able to fill in the gap and gain some desperately needed ride height. What's your favorite wheel and tire size on an e30? IMO, Track: 16x8 225/45. Street 17x8.5 215/40!

Nothing beats that feeling of driving your favorite car up a windy road on the California coastline (specifically on a summer evening). If you disagree, you obviously haven't done it yourself!

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