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αѕѕнσℓє ιи ѕнιиιиg αямσя  Here we use logic. If you don't use logic you don't get any cookies.

You wouldn't tell a physically ill person to 'just get over it', so why tell a mentally ill person that? #mentalillness #illness #equality #depression #anxiety #ptsd #ocd #add #adhd

As someone who has lived through abuse I cannot stress the importance of this enough #abuse #domesticviolence #childabuse

Humans have a chemical in their brain called Endorphins. Endorphins are a "Happy chemical" and the brain creates them in happy situations, (several hard drugs cause the brain to release many endorphins which helps heavily to create the effects of the drug) and in situations when the body is in physical pain to create comfort. Humans feel good pain, examples include running until our lungs hurt or popping a zit. The endorphins released help give us a sense of satisfaction. Sudden injuries the the body such as cuts and burns cause endorphins to be released. This can create a sense of temporary relief from symptoms of depression and anxiety. It's a self destructive form of pain relief like drinking the pain away or pill popping. Self harm can take the form of cutting, burning, and/or bruising oneself, hitting oneself, picking ones skin, or pulling ones hair out. •••
It's misconception that self harm is a teenage thing. Adults, seniors, and sometimes children will self harm. Although the kinds of self harm are typically different. Children and mentally challenged people might hit themselves or bang their heads against the wall. Adults and seniors might cause bad injuries to themselves. Self harm affect people world wide, in every country. 1st world to 3rd world. (Different cultures usually have different forms and rates of self harm however) It is less heard of due to it being a taboo. Self harm is also not exclusive to humans. In highly anxious situations, primates, birds, cats, dogs, and several other mammals will tear out their fur/feathers, lick themselves aggressively, and bite themselves. 1 in 7 people at some point in their life will self harm. •••
Attention seeking is different than a mentally unwell person harming themselves. Those who post pictures of their self harm online, go around showing it to all their friends for pity, or leave wounds uncovered for the purpose of others seeing are not to be confused with people who self harm as a result of mental health issues. People who have mental health issues should not be grouped with these people and should be urged to seek help.

the state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones).
Either of the two main categories (either male or female) into which humans and many other living things are divided on the bias if their reproductive functions
Many people think being transgender is a choice, a cry for attention, or a mental illness. But these are all incorrect. Research shows that in about 0.5% of the population, people are born with abnormal brains containing structures opposite of their biological sex, and instead containing structures of the opposite. These differences were contained in the white matter and in the BSTc area of grey matter. MtF trans women had several feminine brain characteristics while FtM trans men had several masculine characteristics. This causes them to think, feel, and behave as those characteristics. Proving that being transgender is natural.

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