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Viva la France🤴


I would like to thank you for 900 followers.....but this maybe old news but really sad 😢😢....i am very sorry for the amount of lives that were tragically loss from the explosion😪😢 may your souls R.I.P

A quote for Manchester from NZ -"Lest We Forget" #prayformanchester❤️

I love this pic...can't stand It👑👑👑👑...please leave a like or comment for any questions

Before & After

Let the ice commence by burning out the ashes of evil (Templar's).

Wow.....800 followers...I've got nothing to say except for "thank you all for the support you've given me since the beginning" I've been offline for a while because I was too busy focusing on school but there was also a blank that was own "Friends".... since now you AC fan Page's have supported me from the beginning, now its the time for me to support you all to the end.

Today is a new day a new year where we all get live happily...I know my last post was supposed to be on XMAS but from this day forth I will no longer continue to post...there is no reason for me to answer why I'm leaving but....keep what your doing Assassin's from around the world...continue to fulfill everything you have worked hard for including all of you who have fan pages this message does not go out to any Assassin's Creed pages but to all who are reading this message I send....thank you all for welcoming me into this outstanding journey we have all taken with each other, I will still be on this page but not exactly posting photos of AC..until I return.....may you all have great day and a happy new year

This is my last post....and I wish u all Merry Christmas and a happy new year
Credit by (@rudymancuso)

😂 🤣hahahaha

Edward swinging from rope to rope like a master😈.....what a badass😈😃

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