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Sarah B. Freeman  Momma to three boys Sharing our life in Sacramento @llbeautys @sarahfreemaninteriors

Boys are off. They are flying to visit their Aunt Holly and Uncle Jim in Florida then head with them to cruise the Bahamas. 🏝🚢
I can’t say I didn’t cry when handing them off to the airport staff to escort them on the plane. Glad they are super excited for their adventure!
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Ry guy with his buddies at the California Classic today. Swipe ➡️ for more pics.
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Even though it’s July 5th I had to share one of my favorite houses in our hood especially all dolled up in red, white and blue.
#eastsac #fabforties #happy4th

Happy Birthday America! Enjoyed our neighborhood parade today... Hope you are all having a fun day celebrating 🇺🇸

Food Diary - AIP/Paleo diet
So a month ago I started my version of the AIP/Paleo diet. I was tired of feeling crappy while awaiting my gastro procedure because I was certain something had to be wrong with me.
Fast forward to a month/today and things have improved.
My skin has cleared up. I was starting to get cystic acne that made me beyond self conscious.
I don’t feel bloated all the time or swollen.
I’ve lost 7 pounds and most importantly I have more energy.
You can read about what the diet consists of but a brief overview is no sugar, grains, processed food, or dairy. Now I eat proteins, veggies, and fruit. Sometimes I hate my new way of eating because it’s harder. I never realized how much sugar was added to EVERYTHING! Like everything people.
I have cheated because I love wine some days and coffee is a must for me. I make sure to add nondairy creamer with no sugar of any kind. Isn’t as good but I am slowly getting used to it. There are still things I need to get better at with my new way of eating but I feel excited about feeling even better and energized.
This pic is our my dinner last night. I made hamburgers with organic grass feed beef, pan cooked paleo bacon (did you know they add sugar to most bacons?) sautéed red onions, cut up some avocado , wrapped my burger in lettuce and topped it off with a drizzle of my homemade balsamic dressing. Yummy yes and I felt satisfied when I was finished! A win win.
Thanks to my bestie @lauramatzen for sharing this way of eating with me.
A few good cookbooks to refer to if you wanna check out this way of eating:
1. @againstallgrain
2. @drstevengundry
3. Can’t find a handle for them but the Healing Kitchen Cookbook.
Oh and I am not trying to make anyone feel bad about their way of eating. We are all adults and can make our own decisions. I just thought I’d share my journey since I felt so helpless not that long ago. ✌🏼😘

Hanging at Stanford University today for Ryan’s race @summerscamper. #paloalto #runnerwife #travelwithkids #norcal

summer nights 🌙
#family #unwind #perfectweather

Happy 10th Birthday to my Ry Guy. My natural athlete who has major goals already and seriously works towards them. Who loves geography, gets straight A’s all while involved in multiple sports. You have the best little personality and I love the human you are and can’t wait to see you evolve into the great man I know you will be one day . I am lucky to be your momma and enjoy this ride with you. xxxx

Our lil guy started preschool this week. He struggled at drop off but was all smiles when we picked him up. Praying he likes it more each day he goes.
#momofboys #theearlyyears #eastsac

Missing my mom so much this week.
I love to buy sunflowers 🌻 since they were her favorite flower. I am going to plant some in our backyard but have to figure out where. Sunflowers get so tall and full when they bloom.
#mom #love #imissyou #sunflowers

My lil dude after his nap. 😴 ❤️
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