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Wendy Woodall  Durham girl. Southern and sassy, not preppy or prissy. ❤️Jesus, Carolina and sports. 🏀🏈Married to golf whisperer, 3 kids (2 with fur) and love my job.

Random post but must share: these pet stamps are killing me with their cuteness!! #thathamsterthough

First Valentine's for my little Valentine. February 2006. We were both babies!! ❤❤

Hey Walkie, time to break open that book bag. Homework time means snuggle time for Max.

When craving seafood inland. #durm #durham #durhamfood

Another weekend, another trip to the pond. This time, Walker caught a good one! Still no luck for mom or dad!! Who knew all those years ago that the many, many fishing trips to my grandparent's pond was preparing me for (he said it yesterday) "dad, mom actually knows A LOT about fishing." #gonefishing #bassfishing #southernliving #thegoodlife #gettingoutside

6th grade middle school basketball! Growing up too fast! #tsdch #durm #basketball #classof2023

Gone fishin.

Now more than ever, we need to set an example for our children that sends the message of equality, love and acceptance. We don't have to continue the beliefs and traditions of those before us if they are unfair, hateful and prejudiced. Change is hard, but so very possible and absolutely necessary. #mlkday

We are home!! These two definitely missed their daddy!! #zipperclub #heartvalvereplacement #dukehospitalisamazing #weallmissedhim #methemost❤❤

Praising God in all his glory for a successful heart valve replacement for hubby this week! I didn't have a lot of idea what to expect so I'm sharing here for awareness. It's scary, overwhelming and I can barely remember the morning of surgery, but the nurses and doctors have been amazing. I've had some wonderful moments of peace all because of the many, many prayers that have been spoken this week and the weeks leading up to surgery. Never take life or your health for granted. When I was waiting to see Mike after surgery, a family beside us lost one of their own and it was heartbreaking, gut-wrenching...and all I wanted to do was see Mike open his eyes so I would know he was ok. Headed home tomorrow! Fortunately we were able to plan this surgery because some very special doctors identified his issue before it caused him problems, but I know not everyone is as lucky. Many months and many miles on the treadmill have prepared him for this and his determination to bounce back from this makes him my very own superhero. #heartvalvereplacement #zipperclub #dukehospitalisamazing #thankgodforgreatnurses #heartpillows #hubby❤️

The bad boys of winter. #snowmageddon2017 #notreally