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Sofiana Sopian  πŸ‘ͺ . Embracing moment with humans, mostly. #BikOpiInvadesYourCity

High determination on staying happy for my last weeks of being a mama whale (despite having deadlines and revisions stress all together) after one heck of a (blessed) roller coaster ride!

#BikOpiInvadesTheGB #HoliFestival #MyPregnancyJourney

Promised him this would be my last 'nonsense' craving before I pop but.....hmm.....let see what happen next week! πŸ˜‚

#BikOpiInvadesTheGB #HoliFestival #MayGodBlessHisSoulAlways

Since hiking can never happen, these soccer-poser-fan parents brought their little Bubu to a game. Even the guards were suspicious looking at this x-large belly.

They say must teach your child since he/she in the belly, kan? Can lah.
#OnlyKnowIbrahimMovic #IfBabyBoyHarapTerkenan #IfBabyGirlHarapJadiCheerleader

Snow Crave : CHECKED βœ”

Couldn't walked further to the park other than the flat backyard but Alhamdulillah me (more like my weird request, still denying on believing the pregnancy craving entirely πŸ™„) and my little Bubu are happy.


Two annoying cravings (more like weird request) I am having right now are HIKING and SNOW. Here was the conversation we had :

Me : Yang 😏 can we go hiking? Peak District jeee jom lah.
Yusri : *look at me with the corner of his eyes*
Me : What? You said walking is good for beranak. (Sambil tak sedar diri ada physio treatment next week and dah over-walked/worked)
Yusri : Awak tu nak beranak dah tau πŸ˜’ *continue malas layan*
Me : *trying to make a joke* Oh that day I was telling my friend the same thing, dia respond " tepi2 bukit tu ada hospital ke tak?" πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‘

Conclusion : Pergi baby shopping kat carboot je lah ye nak, awak ngences lah puas2 later because Ibu tak dapat hiking and no snow this year, only ribut taufan.

#KAKImanaKAKI? !

Entered the final trimester few weeks ago with major challenges but that little blessing in my belly never stops to amaze me how strong he/she is. Starting to count the final weeks now. Time really flies too fast with this one. Photo taken last Christmas by my amazing husband. (Now belly times 2 that size πŸ˜‚). #BikOpiInvadesTheGB

Since our little Bubu has finally compromise to sleep (after 15 hours of full rebellious non-stop-Jackie Chan-wrestling-act, yes, cute but worrying because it has been months since he/she moved around, having party inside my belly but today was too extreme! 😫), let me do a little throwback because I (or we) misses the father of my child already. 😚

#ComebackSoon #YourChildNeedsYouToHoldTheBellyToo

A goodbye at the beginning of the year.

#GambarCuri 😒😭

K k k last pre-family photo πŸ‘ͺ

#Liverpool #KasiChanPlease

Naggy because I walk like mother penguin nowadays πŸ§πŸ’€ #BikOpiInvadesYourCity

Who would have known, we are actually walking through this same exact dock now, like we did virtually a year ago. Beyond blessed.

#BikOpiInvadesYourCity #Liverpool

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