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new video uploading

sorry! I'm not dead. New video tommorow :)

as most of you know I live in Florida and I'm going to be hit by hurricane Irma :( I won't be making videos for a while but that doesn't mean I'll be gone forever! After a month or so I'll definently get into posting more but for now safety is my first priority rather than making videos. Hope you understand!

please don't worry about my videos being gone :) they will be back today along with a new video !

lik wen u cri at nite

I wanna thank you all for helping me :)! I would've never thought that I would even get 10$ but WOW! words cannot explain how grateful I am towards this !

hello :) I've been using this app lately and if it's not much to ask if you could use the code when first logging on. Just download the app mercari and make an account (it only takes 5 minutes) and sign up with this code (dyxyjs) and it'll guarantee you 2$ and the bonus is I'll get 2$ also! Thanks for reading :) I'll also follow you back! Just say done in the comments once you're done with this process!

Most of you requested inaudible and doing something makeup related so this is what I came up with :) enjoy the video!!!

leave video requests :) im pre recording videos right now before I go to cheer so if you'd like just comment a video suggestion and I'll probably do it! Goodbye

I GOT MY PHONE BACK :D except videos soon on my channel :)

I think my channel has been terminated. this got me so mad to the point where I don't want to make videos anymore if THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN. I did NOT delete my channel. I got a 3rd strike which equals TERMINATED. This is unbelievable.

Well, I found this out. Im thinking of either ending asmr forever or starting a new asmrchannel and hoping my subscribers don't grow as much.I already have 2 strikes and it's getting annoying. I'm really sorry and I hope you understand! I'll tell you guys my new channel name when I create it. However I still have a channel with 13k subs. Should I delete the channel or just make it my own personal vlogging channel? Let me know :) -Brianna

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