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Listen though, all my real friends know me. If we’re meeting up and you’re offended that I didn’t get there on time, we can’t hang. Ha

So disturbing, so upsetting, and so real. #blacklivesmatter

So here I am in Ann Arbor, visiting my folks and my from-childhood friends, driving downtown and generally thinking to myself “this place is still wonderful” and then I get honked at, yelled at, cussed at etc for driving along and doing my thing. You might think it’s because I’m Muslim, and I mean who knows you could be right, but no it just seems to me that there are just a bunch of a-holes driving around and I think “ok nm this place sucks.” And THEN I walk into @lebonmacaron and once again discover that good old Ann Arbor vibe of kindness and chill-ness and I’m like ok, this place is still wonderful. That’s my story for today.

Ramadan Mubarak! The kids and I did some crafts today. We didn’t have any ribbon so we improvised by cutting up HEB (local grocery store) bags into long strips, tying them together and using them to hang our construction paper to the third floor balcony. This project, in fact, took us an hour even though it might look like it took 2 minutes. I’m such a good mom! The kids were so excited- now only 8 more hours to go til iftaar (sunset when the fast is broken). PS. my kids are not fasting; children aren’t required to fast bc obviously.

This is Sofi, eating the vegan, gluten-free, cookies I made especially for her. With a cup of coconut milk to dip. She signed “happy” and said to me “piya oppy” which is how she says “Sofiya is happy.” It made me pause so completely and sign back to her to confirm that’s what she meant. If anyone knows our story, how Sofi wore hearing aids at 3 mos old, then lost almost the rest of her hearing rendering the aids useless, all the pre-op appts, the struggles, the pain, all the blood work, anesthesia issues, and finally the surgery, you’ll know what this means to us. Following the surgery, all the hard work that we continue to do to try and do everything we can to ensure Sofiya lives her best life and the hours of weekly speech/language/auditory-verbal therapy she’s had since birth, then you’ll understand why I tear up when she says this. I cannot count the many days she has been unhappy- her food allergies causing her severe issues, discomfort, and eczema, her struggles to be heard, to be understood, to be listened to, the frustration at being unable to convey her feelings. And this point, at 5 1/2 years old being able to say she’s happy, just makes me so happy I cry. We have so much more to do, it’s tasking and exhausting to think about, before we begin KG, even after as we have years of language to catch up on, I just want to stay in this moment where piya oppy.

Sofi has a doll with cochlear implants just like her 🤗

Just a super basic brunch today with my basic brother 💁🏻‍♀️Ambience was 100 food was ok company was the best

I love my friends 💗💗💗 Best Galentine’s ever!

When you have talented friends 🙌🏽 @hannahstreats with the cake and @pret.a.table with the serving ware! MashaAllah x million. Here’s to a 2018 filled with successful endeavors and beautiful friendships, Inshallah Ameen!

Another year, another birthday, Alhamdulillah.

This is #puremichigan ❄️

The kids have some #banksy in their hallway now 🎈

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