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∀S˥∀⅄⅄  Whoops it’s moi keeping it dicey dɹoʌǝɹbs 3:18 ☁️☁️ @nextmodelsla UWM @statemgmt☁️☁️

One of my hidden talents is not being ticklish and exhaling •comment yours•

Imagine dreaming so hard you wake up arrested • comment some illegal sites that I can browse on •

Since when did years make you older , I’ll start to get older when I’m ready

#dontrushme 🐲: @fashionnova

Bout to order some spicy milk and some fish bacon • drop your order down below •

I feel like I need a visa to watch foreign films and anime sometimes • comment some foreign films•
🐲: @xlethelabel
📹: @sure.gio

Pretty please with ones on top 🐲 • tag a stranger and start a life together • 🕺: @fashionnova

Part of my skin care routine is getting tased Stay fresh out there

Who needs vape when you have a tornado warning • comment report this for me to lurk on your Page •👀

I'd slick be a lumberjack that massages wood instead of cut it • comment some fake news•

Now that I really think about it I actually wanna make a bath bomb that screams while it’s melting • comment what kind of toilet paper you use•

Prepping for this hurricane by doing some squats and vocal warm ups •how are you youngins gonna prep•👀

The only pills I wanna OD on are beats pills

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