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∀S˥∀⅄⅄  Whoops it’s moi keeping it dicey dɹoʌǝɹbs 3:18 UWM/STATE/MP

boarding the plane and ALL I said was these seats are bomb and now we have to make an emergency landing, so imma just take Uber other countries from now on •comment a low key airline •

Hack 349: Use nicotine patches under the eyes for that awake recovered addict look • comment your to do list and I just might knock one off for you •

Wearing a hazmat under my undies just Incase anyone wants to make a new disease last min • comment if you can’t read•

Imma go to a shoe polish station barefoot to spice up my love life 👁: @orinary
#ittime • comment if have a love life •

Had to strap off my nipples for this look but I needed a new pair anyway

So I slick wanna craft an undies line and it’ll be like Boy shorts in the front and a thong in the back and they’ll be callled bongs 💋 •comment if you’d invest• 🤠: @fashionnova

Here's a sleek peak into my skin care regimen,My tears are natural essential oils so when I cry I just lightly tap in the excess 💁🏽‍♂️ •wait slick comment what your tears are made of•

My eye contact is Soo strong you can taste it and it taste like the mega millions • comment what you think it taste like •

Anything is a juule if your brave enough , that’s why I only smoke number 2 pencils
#the quailty🙌🏽

Chandeliers should be worn not hung 💦 • comment a fit and I might wear it •

My social security changes depending on my mood •comment yours mine is 58*****•

I want to be in one of those virus ads that pop up and say win a free IPad 🤩 like I want my face to be the virus tho • comment your bucket list •

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