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asiancomfort  1st generation Vietnamese finding comfort through all Asian food | always looking for my next comfort meal | | @jennihn

Comfort in a bowl. February 14th is @mommakimpnp ‘s birthday and I wish I was with her celebrating over a bowl of her special Miến Tim Gà Xào! Yummy glass noodles sautéed w/ chicken hearts, bean sprouts, and other tasty goodness!

Crispy pigs ears anyone? 🐷

2 times in one week so far! Might have to go back for thirds. @saigondepnyc has this Pho Ga game on lock. No need to add anything to this broth!

OMG! Beef 7 Ways @madamevobbq is EVERYTHING! Here is course #1 - Bò tái chanh. Literally was stuffing my face and having amazing conversation with beautiful friends celebrating the Year of the 🐷 so I don’t have others to share. All I have to say is, get yourself there and bring all of your friends. @madamevobbq is representing Vietnamese food in a way that makes me so proud to be a Vietnamese woman. Pho is yummy, but there’s so much more to Vietnamese food. Thank you to @madamevobbq for sharing more with the world!

@mommakimpnp didn’t want me to miss out so she gave me my lì xì (red envelope for Tết (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) when I was home for Christmas. Thank goodness because it’s the year of the 🐷. With pure hearts, be warm-hearted, good-tempered, loyal, honest, and gentle like those born in the year of the 🐷 to bring in the 💰 💴 💵. Bring on the wealth baby! This is the year, if you want it, you got, but you have to put it out there in the world. What do you want this new year to bring you?

Can’t sleep. Dreaming of tarts. @trigg.brown make this for Tết?!?

New year, new MISE.
Best way to serve leftover grilled meats! If you’re making your meat for this dish, a quick marinade of oyster sauce, fish sauce, shallots, garlic, black pepper, sugar, and oil will do the trick. Base of vermicelli noodles, top with grilled meat and I was lucky enough to come home with my sister’s cha gios in my suitcase. Best part are all the fun toppings that literally become a huge salad when I put together my bowl. Chop up a butter lettuce (I used red leaf), cucumber, basil, mint, cilantro, and any other herbs you want to add. I add bean sprouts (tons because I LOVE the crunch) and I even made scallion oil and pickled my own daikon and carrots (first time pickling). You can make the pickled daikon and carrots in big batches and it keeps in your fridge for months. I roast up some unsalted peanuts, shed their skin, and crush them lightly (I like bigger chunks). To finish, top with dressed up fish sauce (one part @redboatfishsauce , one part sugar, four parts water, minced Thai chili peppers, minced garlic, lime juice). 🤤

I love every part of Hủ Tiếu Nam Vang. From the pork/cuttlefish broth and the clear noodles to the little baby quail eggs, I could never get sick of this bow of soup. I’ve walked past @pasteurgrill many a times but finally decided to stop in on this occasion and was so happy to see this on the menu! Switch it up and get this instead of Phở the next time you see it on the menu!

I could eat these wood ear mushrooms in Chinese vinegar all day every day. If you’re a textures person, this is the dish! So crunchy and so flavorful. Pleasantly surprised because I usually don’t order chilled dishes. Must try!!! Thanks for trusting me with the order @ncrfashion27 🤗

Still drooling from my breakfast this morning. Big Wong, where have you been all my life? This beautiful bowl of salted pork & thousand year egg congee and huge heaping portion of dried shrimp rice crepe wrapped cruller set me back $9 and will feed me tomorrow morning too. Now if I could just find a place to live near by...

Instead of using catfish filets, today we used catfish steaks and we pan fried them and added Thai chili peppers! YUMMMM 🤤 Inspired by an old @oneouncegold insta story! Thanks to my lunchtime sous chef today, @haleybbaron | You came to learn how to make Canh Chua, but you really led the day! Can’t wait til next time. Who’s next and what are we making?!?

Being at home w/ @mommakimpnp inspired me to make a traditional Vietnamese meal. I have a soup and a green here. Next time, I need to invite a few people over so that I can add a salty protein dish and maybe another green dish served with a prepared fish sauce (adding Thai chili peppers, lime juice, smashed garlic, and a little sugar). Who’s in?!? Check out my highlights for the recipes!

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