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  if ur boyfriend isn't asian, is he even ur boyfriend? ✨👁✨ looking for w0ke #asianboyfriend for portrait and interview. slide in my dm!

Public Service Announcement for current and new comers to Earth: There’s no recommended serving size for Korean Fried Chicken (Chimaek). Get a variety of sauces and sit by the Han river with your asian boyfriend. There’s also no recommended serving size for asian boyfriends. Eat your heart out, it’s dirty bulking season 😏💦👽

Solo by Frank Ocean is definitely one of my favourite songs on Earth/in Hell..
🎶It's hell on Earth and the city's on fire
Inhale, in hell there's heaven
There's a bull and a matador dueling in the sky
Inhale, in hell there's heaven🎶
God damn 💦 #35mm #filmburn

FFS Australia. It’s 2018.

Pornhub search: hot chaotic Korean orgy in Itaewon 😍💦 // #35mmfilm #35mm

Picture this: We’re in Saigon; it’s sunny outside. My brain produces just the right amount of serotonin for me to notice and smile at the dimple under your eye. The morning affection of warmth stops us from saying what we’re thinking but everything is going to be okay. We’re looking at life in eye; we’re always going to look at life in the eye. 👁 // #35mm

Sleep paralysis but instead of a monster at your bed, you get to see sunsets in Phuket, on repeat. In low res though. ✨

asianboyfriend series outtake with the ~:~ s p a c e b o i ~:~ 🚀✨👾

A concept: Entropy increases. Continents move. Impermanence is the only constant. HangOut™️ with me and I’ll show how to increase your breath hold underwater. Tax my energy and teach me what you’re best at. When this is all over, we’re not left with just intangible and disposable bs: Instagram photos, cum, tears, fragmented memories. You want something more concrete like mental, physical, and spiritual gainz; and the ability to last underwater. // #35mm

eating some good Phở, being excited for a mini road trip tomorrow, and posting this 🔥 photo of Hằng; ready to fite (ง'̀-'́)ง my corporate gig 1on1 to get more of my creativity back.
DM me if you’re sad I’ll tell you something wholesome ✨

Sext: let’s go get tteokbokki by the station and talk about denuclearisation on the Korean Peninsula 💦🇰🇷💦

Looking to start a cult focused solely on Vietnamese desserts AND BIG TIDDIES GOTH GIRLFRIENDS 💕🍑🍮 bet you didn’t see that coming

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