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  if ur boyfriend isn't asian, is he even ur boyfriend? ••• looking for w0ke #asianboyfriend for portrait and interview. slide in my dm!

fun date idea: let’s go to the beach in winter and cover me deep in sand. lay on top of me very still; suffocate me with your soft bare breasts. when it’s time for me to go i want to die by the ocean and doing something i love 🤤🍑
here’s a photo of a kid about to eat sand while her mum choosing a filter for instagram 🔥

🚲 UberBicycle ⭐️ 4.8 ⭐️ No helmet needed 🚫
M: @badgaltintins

These ahjussi invited me over for a shot of soju right after I took this photo. It was 10 AM on a Thursday morning. Korea is fucking wild 🔥🌹

ABF outtake with @timfork

“Em là gái ngoan” @tuongdanh, 2018 🤔🙄

How do you go about balancing creative pursuits and the daily work grind?!? How do you look at self-limiting beliefs and economic rationality straight in the eyes like @badgaltintins here? How to time travel? Asking for myself. Pls give personal stories/advice/tips friends!
Close up of @badgaltintins 🧐🔥💯

@k0rean.empress being SEDUCEDDD 😍

When time was a little slower // Museum of Fine Arts with @hangnguyen_official 📍Saigon, Dec 2017.

Markets over shopping malls. Street food stalls over fast food chains. Paper over plastic. Minimalism over capitalism. Flying to another country to catch up with friends over financial stability. 📍Seoul, Oct 2017.

my favourite thing to do is spontaneously buy that flight ticket then stress tf out about financial consequences later 😂😭💸 #firstworldproblems

rendezvous at 2
M: @tuongdanh 😍🔥☀️

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