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  {17/6-8/9 🇺🇸} UCD general nursing 🏥 / 19 / 🇮🇪

I'll be the Cholula to your Taco 😘

Met Percy the Pale Faced Polar Bear™

there are no bananas in the sky (in the sky) @fern

Week one over; climatized & now think 25° is cold ☀️

Cali looks a tad different to 🇮🇪 but it's home now ✌🏼☀️

Enjoying that 'sun' thing

The red light signifies the rage I feel every Sunday if we don't get 1st #quizoverbingo

Forgot to save the other one :/ #mabad @finoladonohue

That was more Mc D's than I wanted, but not more than I needed


Sometimes I think I walk weird...

drip drip drop little March* shower~ 🌧

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