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Ashley Graham  For the joy of the Lord is our strength ❤️

Cash me outside(of East Campus)how bow dah?
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Happy 2 months, & belated Valentine's Day to the man who makes me double chin laugh like no other. No one I'd rather have by my side... you are 1 in a MILLI babe! ❤️

Two of the realest in the game, am I right?! Cass & Tots... you love people around you SO well with ALL you are. I have been blessed deeply by such love, and am honored to know you both. Truly, deeply, honored. ❤

"Whatever you're facing right now, you're equipped to handle" Thank you Jesus ❤

Happy belated birthday to the Amy Poehler to my Tins Fey. To my Fred Meyer buddy, to my snort-laughing partner, to my shoulder to lean on (& cry on while watching sappy wedding videos)... you have been such a beautiful blessing in my life. Thank you for demonstrating a free and passionate heart of worship and joy. Praying you come home again soon (or I come to you) so we can wear mismatch and questionable grandma looking pajamas, while obsessing over Mario Bedescu's products and talking about the deeper meanings of life... #LifeisWeird #ButSoAreWe , #ThatsWhyGodGaveUsEachother. LUV U SIS XOXO ❤

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Goal for 2017: learn how to take pictures

This year has been a beautiful & memorable one, filled with many first's, a lot of laughs, quite a few tears (Star Wars killed off Han Solo, and Carrie Fisher died... It was an emotional year for us all), frustrations, victories, relationships, healing, dancing, struggle, growth... and tacos (with lots and lots of green sauce), and I've loved every bit of it. But I'll be honest in admitting that this new year holds a lot of unknowns that have really challenged my faith latley. Though it is exciting, it's also quite the battle, especially when you are the type of person who has the tendency to plan ahead, and are called in this season to simply, well...not plan-but wait and trust. Today, I am challenged and encouraged by this Psalm of David, "I will wait on, hope in, and expect in Your name" (Psalm 52:9). Rest in this Truth friends, He is good. He is good to you, He is good to me, and He is good at being God. I encourage you to reflect on what 2016 has brought, and speak victory and expectancy over what 2017 brings, I am choosing to believe it will be the best year YET! ❤️

Though things change... (Soph is now 7ft tall and Katie and I gave up the bangs), my love & appriciation for you two never will. Thank you for always making me laugh, and supporting me through every season of life (especially the painfully awkward days when I wore Aeropostale shirts with 5 tank tops and clogs) #CousinAppriciationPost #CALICHRISTMASBABY

There’s nothing I can do
That would ever make You
Love me more.
There’s nothing I can do
That would ever make You
Love me less ❤️.