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Ashley Graham  Love God. Love People. Eat Mustard.

I pray every night that Kim K will donate her jet plane to me so I can use it to fly to Oregon everyday to visit. Love you two so much !!! ❤️

Happy birthday to my partner in crime. There is nothing I love more than living life with you & laughing hysterically along the way. Thank you for loving & encouraging me loyally through all seasons & always reminding me to be spontaneous & silly ❤️. 10 years of friendship down... 10000x more to go! (When we in Heaven together still making music videos & dancing embarrassingly) #HBDGINGASNAP no one like you @cassidyypaige 💃🏻

We have been dreaming of this day for a decade, and although for a LONG time we were convinced you would be walking down the aisle with Nick Jonas, I am beyond thrilled that God placed @tedwardsplaysdrums in your path instead. Together you two serve those around you with endless love, grace, & availability. Thank you to both of you for being amazing... & letting me sleep on your future couch in Colorado 😉 #taylorandkatiewedwards

I am truly blessed to meet by some of the most kindest, brightest, strongest women through this wedding. Never a dull moment with all of them! So excited to stand by you all on Katie's special day. #taylorandkatiewedwards

The more I choose to start loving things & people for what they are instead of criticizing them for what they aren't, gratitude & awe begin to soften the heart & bring a new perspective. This makes the simple things special. I never want to lose that; that lense of life that we all once had when we were young. The excitement in being so small in a world that seemed so big. When sprinklers on a sunny day were thrilling, & trips to the grocery store were monumental. When we felt no shame for having food on our face or grass stains on our knees. When we became best friends with people within minutes at the playground & danced in the kitchen when we got our favorite food for dinner. Complacency and staleness has robbed us of this child-like wonder & freedom we were meant to live in. I don't want to live a life that overlooks and ignores the beauty surrounding me, I never want to take God's blessings and creation for granted. No matter how seemingly small or average they may seem...(like a hand dryer in a questionable public restroom 😂) I cannot afford to. Life is too short and precious to live in a state of numbness & familiarity. We must fight to keep our wonder ❤️.

So much fun serving w/ these guys at Boom Camp! #Zootopia #WithoutFear 🐰

We became besties when you belted basically the entire Mamma Mia soundtrack in Sunday school at age 3, & since then I've spent the last 5 years watching you grow more hilarious, kind, intelligent, and brave by the second... and now here you are, 8 years old. Thanks for always inspiring me to be myself & to live passionately, you are forever my buddy P! Xx

Happy birhday to my kindred spirit. I am who I am because of you. 110%. Without a doubt. You loved me patiently and loyally at my worst, and celebrated my growth along this journey of life enthusiastically (even the smallest of victories). I hope someday to be half the amazing leader, woman, artist, friend, daughter, sister and servant you are. Hope today is filled with so much fun & love!!! ❤️

Addresses change, jobs change, bottom changes. But two things never will.
1) I will wear baseball hats almost everyday and never play baseball or know anything about baseball
2) I will forever love you Cassandra May Whooveyay. I'm gonna request to share a bunk bed with you in Heaven. Cuz two years was two years too short & I'm missing our pillow talk ❤️.

My heart explodes when I think of all the sweet memories I experienced with these two 4-5 years ago. I think back to how it all began; through the local church. Thank you @myfoursquarechurch for creating community that becomes family, and putting on events like #ladiesluau where we can reconnect and refocus while enjoying one another ❤️.

Today I officially pass the torch to the amazing @isabellerrr. You are everything I have prayed for for these boys & more. Enjoy this next journey! The nanny life is the best life ❤️

Small victories that lead to big transformation... Choosing not to say that comment about that person you don't see eye to eye with behind their back, choosing to get up an hour earlier to thank God for all He had done, choosing to get outside everyday for at least 25 min to enjoy His gift of beauty, choosing to compliment someone, not about what they're wearing, but their character & heart. Choosing to open the door for someone, pick up that garbage, let that person in your lane even when you don't want to while sitting in traffic, choosing to introduce yourself to that stranger when your tired and not "in the mood", choosing to put money in you savings every pay check (and leave it there). Choosing to pray at least three times a day, out loud. Choosing to celebrate, to laugh, to love, to get uncomfortable, to extend patience, to bring peace.
We have everything infront of us needed to grow, we simply just have to choose it. 📷@rleffman

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