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My Little Native Grammmss. Just look at those adorable cheek bones!! Isn’t she the cutest? This woman is the walking example of grace and compassion. Every time I am hurt or angry and want to finds reason to cast blame she finds a way to remind me to have mercy and perspective. Grandma, you are an everyday hero. I wuvvv you yah little lady. Forever and always my bestie.

Who knows? I just know that @tarasfostersaz made me do it ♥️ Plus my hair is so curly at times I’m worried a small animal lives in there.

On our way home from one of the most epic lil trips so far! Why does Rob always looks so magestic? #mytravelbuddy

Diary of a wimpy kid 🤷🏼‍♀️ #Idahostories

I’m quickly learning you guys only like me for the #selfies haha #butwhatever 🤷🏼‍♀️

Every woman, no matter her skin, deserves to feel beautiful. Every woman no matter her aesthetic deserves to be adored. Every woman no matter her circumstance deserves to be empowered. #girlpower #womenempowerment

I just got off a 14 hour shift. Can I just sleep in my jeep now ?😴 Gunna wake up tomorrow and do it all over again. #gottaloveit

This gives me all the feels for my affirmation goodness. Ugh some things are just too settling!

Real life photos are becoming my favorite. I take so many photos of other people and their special moments but so often of times I forget to celebrate my own. Today I worked a double and came home to Thai take out and this guy. Our night has been nothing too exciting but so precious. I was on my computer trying to get editing done and he turned on a climbing documentary to pass the time. This is us right before bed most of the time. In this photo Rob was seriously staring at our dogs and talking about how cute they were. We are so grateful we admire our dogs and their cuteness instead of children. No babies yet but our dogs keep us gushy enough.

My comfy shoes always win. #redwingnation #redwingshoes

Tried to take a selfie and the lighting was crap. Figures haha. 🤘🏽

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