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To all you dreamers out there ✨🌙

I used to think relationships were all about butterflies, mystery, and constant fireworks. I used to think relationships were supposed to make me happy. A few years ago I felt like my relationships were rushed, pushed, or attractive. I would have given you shitty advice like date the dude that makes you 'feel' the best. Go with the man that plays hard to get. Go with the man that is mysterious.
Well, it's very easy to say Rob is none of those things. With Rob I've learned love is steady, safe and consistent. Rob taught me the importance of being bestfriends with your lover. My love with him developed slow and intentionally. I didn't fall in love with Rob like my past relationships. I GREW in love with him. Rob is a safe place where I can make mistakes and Learn. My advice to you now is to pick the dude who shows up early to a date. Pick the dude that you question is too tender. Pick the guy with a good heart not just a nice wallet. Pick the man who wants to persue you. Choose the man that actively chooses you!!

Here I am, just getting off work and can't sleep. It's 1am and I'm wishing we were off hiking somewhere. Maybe in my dreams right? 🌙zzz zz

“If you are lucky enough to find a weirdo never let them go.”
-Matthew Gray Gubler

My husband took this photo of me and I'm quite impressed. I love seeing a photo that actually looks like me! (My nick name on my child basketball team was Smiles)

First day back and I'm already missing these Hot Springs 🌙

Well, the photos speak for themselves ⚡️

Real talk // This has been such a tough season. A season of crying through frustration and cheering through sacrifice. Rob started his journey back to school a couple years ago and it's been a challenge. While we have had to change the standard norm of roles. I've been working at the Resturant busting my butt while Robs been pushing into his school work. We're both at a sacrifice because Rob wishes he didn't have to go back to school and I wish I could be persuing a creative career.
In this season I have felt tired at the Resturant more than ususal. Don't get me wrong, I love the Resturant. I love seeing my friends I have worked with for almost three years. I love that my bosses have gotten to know me. I love that people value my personality. I love that it's a chaotic dumpster fire and at times that all you can do is laugh. I love that it keeps me on my toes and busy. People working at the Resturant are all on there way to something more. All walks of life pushing to move higher or further into who they are. Us hospitality people love people, as much as we try to deny it. I enjoy people and love art.
Being a creative has always been apart of who I am. Whether it's a trees shape reminding me of something humorous or a color changing my mood. I know this season is a sacrifice and might be longer than I'd like but I feel like change is just around the river bend. A new way of seeing my story is evolving and gratefulness is filling my heart.

Thank you Alisa + Jon for making our trip so special. Thank you for taking time to visit with us in this gorgeous place. We had so much fun chatting over breakfast every morning and waking up to having you guys in the living room of the condo. Cheers to many more years of adventures with you guys! We love you so much !!

Dirty boots indicate a messy yet rewarding day.🏔

This festival gives you all the smiles and brightness you'll ever need.

Mountain living isn't so bad ⚡️

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