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ashtonjpage  Queer & creative entrepreneur. Co-owner of Wax & Wane Fiber. Baltimore, currently.🦄✨

I've been missing the American Southwest something fierce lately. Although this meal was prepared with ingredients from all over the world, it definitely took me back to those pale pink landscapes I dream of often. #millenialpink

Radical Self Care // After months of toiling over it, which why should I toil in the first place besides our society's destructive individualism, I have made my first appointment to see a counselor in almost seven years. I remember the last time I sought counseling, I was struggling with first coming out and didn't know how to navigate the anger I felt towards many important people in my life. I had to figure out a way to construct my own path. Once again, I feel like I have let the trees grow over me - blind me - and cover me. I'm ready to see beyond them. I'm ready for my rewards for hard work and mental effort. I asked my deck today how I could move forward with my anxiety. I received the Nine of Pentacles. I'm ready to sculpt my mind and create my own best future without the shackles of anxiety. Here's to that. ❤️

Weaving in those desert colors I love so much. Yarn and cloth dyed with plants by me. Loom from @clarenicholls.

Laundry is piling up. Little time to eat anything good for me. Trying to keep my heart strong to go back out and accomplish what is left of the day's tasks. I might not make much personal work these days, but these dances have sure been a great reprieve.

This is my birth moon. The center of HOME. I am having some major hesitations expanding this cloth. But I just need to do it. I want it to be huge after all.

The cloth called HOME.

This is my cloth called HOME. It's a continual work in progress and one that brings me great joy, but also great anxiety. I struggled to add this outer most layer, because these squares are from the shirts of an ex-love. But as this piece is one of my own history I have to embrace the sadness, joy, and growth that came with that experience. I think I'll get rid of the leftovers of the shirts but this addition is a complicated necessity to this piece. #cloth #quilt

Georgia O'Keefe is a goddess. This little book of her works and her writings about said works is so beautiful. Also, obvi, I got some protection in the form of a labradorite.

Magic in the desert. #wanderlust

Good morning, sunshine. 🌞

Different place. Different cat. Same human.

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