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Ashton Holmes  Hi mom!

Carne asada y olas es bueno. 📷@patmillin

Surf trippin’ in Mex with these legends.


10/10 - Basketball has Jordan. Music has The Beatles. And cinema has this man. I could have picked any number of films he’s been in, but this one happens to be at the top of my all time faves. He transforms, completely abandoning his own essence, and inhabits the mind, body and soul of the characters he plays. I think I speak for all us lowly thespians when I say... this man and his performances are truly inspirational. And that raps it up @nicsheff. Thank you for summoning my participation in this time waster down memory lane!

9/10 - Here’s one that is bound to get some jeers and disapproving scoffs from all the pretentious cinephiles out there. But bring it on, you snobby bunch of art-house-only mob of cynics! (No, it’s not from Bring It On, but I challenge the beautiful and wildly talented @gabunion to post her top 10!) This movie meant so much to me as a kid growing up in cold, snowy Upstate New York with pipe dreams of one day being an Olympic ski racer... and also because I fell in love with Moira Kelly more and more every time she said “toe pick”. ❄️⛸

8/10 - So before I write anything about this movie… It’s been brought to my attention that I’m apparently doing this, “10 Movies That Inspire Me” Instagram Movie Game Thing, all wrong. That I was SUPPOSED to just post an image from the movie with no title OR explanation as to WHY it inspires me. But the way I’ve been doing it thus far, has been way more fun (for me) AND happens to have entered my life at an optimal time, as I begin my own journey into the world of visual storytelling. So looking for inspiration in The Ghost of Movies Past has been a welcomed exploration for this Scrooge. Fuck it. I’m forging ahead the WRONG way… Which brings me to THIS little gem of an Anti-Love story. Although, maybe not so ANTI but more a mirror reflecting the truth of how brutal, gut wrenching, and toxic love can SOMETIMES be/feel. It’s been my personal experience that in SOME of my past relationships, love feels CLOSER to this movie, than when I’ve felt love the way it’s depicted in Notting Hill. Ah shit, I think I just ruined the other half of the “DO NOT’s” in this whole IG Movie Game thing. Dammit. @sickiebarrels and @shanedrake, You guys take over from here. Have you done this thing yet?

7/10 - “Whoopsidaisies.”

6/10 - After I saw this movie, I was convinced that I was geyser of untapped brilliance and I should move to Boston, become a janitor at MIT, and formulate algorithms for mathematical equations that continue to baffle the most advanced minds in the world. Sadly this wasn’t my fate, but I did learn that years of therapy would help me realize a much more authentic version of myself. How do you like them apples?

5/10 - This gang of denizens piqued my interested in Chester Copperpot, inspired me to learn The Truffle-Shuffle, and cemented my love of Cindy Lauper songs. ☠️

4/10 - This movie helped shaped my childhood. I probably watched it, and got lost in the world of this story, more than any other. So much that I wore out the tape back in the days of VHS. To this day, I try to find my luck dragon, my Artax, and the proverbial name of the princess.

3/10 - Perhaps my favorite movie ever. A buddy comedy that explores how connection can ignite a friendship and turn a sad existence into a life worth living, and how it can happen in the most unlikely of partnerships. This also remains to be the only film that... when I finished it, I immediately started it over again from the beginning, and again watched it all the way through. It inspired me in a way that few films ever have. “De rien.”

2/10 - At the risk of sounding like the old man I’m quickly becoming... I wish they still made action movies like this one.

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