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Ashton Loyo  “Sometimes I’ll start a sentence & I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.” I make a lot of weird sounds. 🙌🏼💁🏻💃🏻🎬🎼🤘🏼

Still one of my all time favorite photos of my lil mama just being a cute little hippy teenager. ALSO a rare sighting of my mom with her natural red hair before she started dying it 😂😂 Everyone, let’s say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE QUEEEEEN!! Mama Loyo: The woman, the myth, the legend. There’s nobody like you mama! You’re kind, you’re hilarious without trying, you don’t have a judge mental bone in your body, and you live your life with the most contagious care free attitude. Ever since I was a little girl, you showed me how to be strong, to be grateful for the little things, always have faith that things will be okay, but also that it was okay to be emotional. Anybody who has met you has had their lives touched by you and that is a fact! Also you’re hot af and I can’t believe you’re the age that you are! I love you mama, happy birthday!!!!

v grateful for this beautiful life I get to enjoy 🖤

I never knnnnEWWWW there was like dis beforreeeeeee 🎼

Cheesemosa 4 lyfe fool

My papas fritas!!!! I love you so much man, these pictures are perfect because they show what you do best which is crack my ass UPPPPPP! 😂 it’s hard to not believe in chasing after your dreams and going for what seems like the impossible when I’ve grown up watching you living your dreams and ur so much cooler then me you’re so famous!!!!! Lolol, but for real doe you are the most talented, most kind, loving, and funny man in da world and I am so insanely blessed to be your hija mia forever and ever I’ll always be your little babeh/twin! You’re such an inspiration, and thank you for always pushing me to go after what I truly love! Thank you for everything you do for me!

- gettin’ saucy and a lil fosse in @tevyncole class on Sunday! Thx to my bb for giving me a moment and making me feel like an artist and bringing out some weird confident side that I never knew existed lolol luv u bff! - also my cute lil skort is from @fashionnova
🧜🏼‍♂️: @deroway (I don’t have the other! Tag yourself!)
🎼: #dance4me by #prince


Just picking out my future house 💁🏻‍♀️😂🖤

This right here, this is my whole heart. Sitting on the beach during twilight, eating tacos for dinner, watching The Office on my phone, all with my bestfriend. You are the greatest thing to happen to me, and I’m forever grateful for the change you’ve made in my life. Te amooooooo. 🖤

Wishin’ I was at our favorite place 💕

I’m ready for a million more beach trips with you, boo. 🧡

Cheers to a new month and to the best bestfriend in da world // really wishin we were doing this but I guess staying home in bed sick and watching friends for the 700th time is cool too 🤘🏼// (also can we all go back to #jonandvinnys and drink great rosé and eat really yummy food? @daniraevaughn @demi_l ) 🍷🎉

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