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ash toby  yyc | conglomerate: things closely crowded or gathered together into a coherent mass or whole. @kitandace @yyccycle @goatthings

happy Faja’s day, Faja

not missing phoenix, not missing my angelina pose, not telling the truth #goingPinto

When you relive your middle school dream of being the “cool” girls in the club that break into a dance routine - “cool” being a loose term... #goingpinto #youcantmacarenawithus

doin my own little thing #putaringonit #goingpinto

KA does KULT ⚡️ #thisiskitandace

this weekend I made a friend, she might not know it but I do #cradlerobber

I got it from my mama #tinateapot

spotted - a goat on Sunday funday #whenyouseeit

This my dad, his name’s dad.

chillin’ w/🐐

today’s your 60th, couldn’t love you more.

3 blondes, 2 brunettes and 1 redhead walk into a studio...

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