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Ashtanga Muse Edmonton  Edmonton's beautiful morning mysore community...centrally located, always joyful

My name is Melissa. I run lovely mysore program in Edmonton with my good pal @rickyyy_brennannn . I want you all to know that teachers struggle too. I am pretty shitty at a lot of ashtanga poses, but as you can see it is kind of hilarious😂 I just started this one...clearly I have a long way to go😉
What I am not shitty at is the loyalty and dedication that ashtanga takes. daily practice equals daily joy💖 And I sweat a lot so it looks like I am always working hard😂😉 See you Thursday my Mysore lovelys!
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Big News Edmonton Ashtanga friends! November 23 -25, My teacher, KPJAYI Authorized Level 2 teacher, @davidrobsonyoga , and his beautiful, incredible wife, @vesic_jelena , are coming to visit our glorious Ashtanga Community for a weekend of learning, laughter and fun. You will not regret signing up for this weekend as I cannot attest to you how much knowledge they can instil and how inspiring they are to encourage you to keep up with a daily practice. It is a weekend to not be missed. Start planning now friends and hopefully see you then!
Contact us via email for details or to sign up: or message on the instagram
Workshop info on link in bio

We have missed our friday fundays and apparently you have too, so let's get together, have a fun practice outdoors and pot luck after:) Since our studio is still being renoed, let's enjoy the summer!All welcome and cost is just $10:) Meet at Gold bar Park on August 17, 5:30 pm😉
Please bring vegetarian or vegan snacks...or just yourself💖
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We are as unimpressed as Donny here, but sadly the renos are taking longer😭. Looks like we won't be ready till near the end of August
But don't fret, We have a small private location for mysore to practice at until we reopen. First class start August 7, after the long weekend. Same hours as before. We will be there till our new digs open. Message me for details if you want to join our awesome community and nwed the location💖
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"I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference" Robert Frost from The Road Not Taken
Metaphor for this practice
This pose, #ekapadasirsasana has taken me almost 4 years to do on both sides with no was the day it happened. That is for sure over 1200 times of trying each side daily and ultimately not getting it. But what I wasn't getting is what i learned. Loyalty, humility, from self hatred to self love, from anger to acceptance. I went through waves of emotion when new students started to surpass me in their practice, it was infuriating, but I kept travelling the ashtanga path. I learned everyone is unique, especially with asana and it is ok to not progress quuckly, because I have learned so much more wisdom from not being able to "get this pose" than anyone could imagine.
Added bonus to ashtanga...your armsget ripped as hell and no one will ever mess with you😉😂
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Group practice chez moi Thursday at 5:30am. Message me if you want to join💖

I have received many messages these past few weeks asking how to maintain a home practice as I have found many of you #yegashtangis are struggling. It is incredibly hard, but in the end you really have to let go of any expectations.
Don't feel like you have to get to your mat and go all out every single day. The intelligence is built in the practice and the foundations teach you to listen to how you feel, each and everyday. It is ok to do just Surya Namaskars, it is ok to do your entire practice. You have to listen to what your body needs everyday because it is always different. It took me 5 years to figure out and accept it so maybe you can start earlier😉
The importance is you get to your mat and focus on the foundations, which is not asana! Breath, bandha and drishti, that is all.
Today's practice was brought to you by standing poses only💞
See you Thursday #yegashtangis. PM me if you want to join.
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Happy moonday #yegashtangis . May you enjoy your rest day today doing what you picking weeds💖
I am back in Edmonton and happy to have a few group practices at my place until our new digs open. Tomorrow will be the first. PM me if you want to join in💞
#ashtanga #moondayfun #gardening #mysore

Had a couple of really alert assitants today💞😂
No matter where you are, you take practice. We enjoyed a sunrise dock practice today on the Ionian Sea, with our new furry friends:) Keep practicing #yegashtangis #mysore
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I know you are sad and forlorn that we are closed till August 1. Donny here is too. But we will reopen in fresh digs and so looking forward to seeing you all in a newly renoed space💖
Enjoy your summer Edmonton ashtangis and don't forget to practice!
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Sthira Sukham asanam. Sutra 2.46 Pretty much means, Postures should be stable and comfortable.
It is easy to not practice when you have no where to do it, want to sleep in or are enjoying holidays😉 Today, I got up at 5:30am and practiced in the kitchen because my room had no space to do it. By the time I got to #sirsasana people were up, thinking I was nuts😂 but I stayed steady with #tristana and this #yogasutra and all surroundings were forgotten.
Stop making excuses to not do your practice. There is rarely a reason not to😉Keep practicing #yegashtangis
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#ledprimary tomorrow #yegashtangis. The fun starts at 5:45. Don't forget it is the last led class until August. So get up early and #getyourasstoclass !
Don't be like Donny in picture 2 tomorrow! Save that for Saturday😚
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So glorious to come out of mysore super early to the sun rise and a parking lot full of ashtangis. I 💖this community!
#yegashtangis , you only have 1 week left with me before I take off so come visit next week. I will teach a led primary on the 15 as a farewell @rickyyy_brennannn will be covering until June 24. And remember we are then closed till the end of July for renos and summer adventuring!
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