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Ashley Roach  🐶Fur Mama 🔥Survivor Maryland: Outback & Allstars 👩🏼‍🎓 UMD & DPhiE alum Nicholas Osuna 3/16/97-6/4/18 ❤️#LivelikeNick

My first birthday without you @youngerguy97 , crushed, but also know you’re always here with me and are celebrating in Heaven for me.
#LivelikeNick #iloveyoualways #yessmyhairispurple #hairmatchessunset

A week and a half from today, on Saturday, 9/22, my friend Nick Osuna’s ( @youngerguy97 )family, friends and I will be walking at the Annapolis Out of the Darnkess Walk representing him as Team #LivelikeNick. Anyone who would like to walk with our team or would just like to walk in general, we welcome everyone. Those of you who would like to walk with our team, please wear purple which represents being friends of Nico’s.
For those who are unable to make the walk, the link to donate to the team is in my bio. We have already surpassed our goal and are looking to really continue to knock it out of the park. This cause means to much to all of us, as Nick was an absolutely amazing, charismatic, kind, loving soul, and we miss him greatly every single day. We don't ever want any other family members, friends, loved ones, etc. to feel the pain of suicide. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the money they raise during these walks, help spread awareness about the cause and help prevent other loved ones from feeling this same unbearable grief that we have felt with our loss of Nick.

Any donation is welcome no matter how big or small! Thank you everyone in advance for your donations and thank you to all of those who have already donated and expressed their condolences to Nick's family, friends, and I and all around have just been there for us, especially Nick's family.

#LivelikeNick #missingyoulikecrazy #americanfoundationforsuicideprevention #endthestigma #nomore

Committing the sin of a double post because I posted the other one prematurely before we hiked up higher and I realized this mountain got even more beautiful. @youngerguy97
#nofilter #colorado #LivelikeNick

*Books flight 4 hours before take off*
Because nature therapy is a heck of a lot cheaper than regular therapy.
Fourth adventure with @youngerguy97 down, only a lifetime more to go. #missyoumoreeveryday #nofilter #LivelikeNick #alwayswithme #colorado

At this point there’s no caption needed. You know I love you and miss you and these sunsets make me realize the beauty in the world, which you were. Loving you always love bug @youngerguy97
#LivelikeNick #missingyoualways #noonebetterthanhim #nofilter

Ride or die always. I still love you with or without the injuries and smiles @girlnamedshawn

I miss you a little more each day, even when I didn’t think it was possible to miss you more than I already do. @youngerguy97 @jerryosuna
#missingyou #iwishicouldgobackintime

So glad I got to take you to a place you’ve never been. The weather was supposed to be so bad all weekend and it turned out beautiful. That’s how I know you were there wanting us to have a good time. My guardian angel. Loving and missing you always my love bug ❤️ @youngerguy97 #newportbeach #baecation #lookingdownonus

10/10 recommend spending your weekend with this babe. (The cliffs were cool too) @glassysquid #nofilter #baecation #newportbeach

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