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// praying for my beautiful cousin & our whole family. she lost her Daddy last night. there are no words for that kind of pain and no other answer than the name of Jesus. please pray friends. ThankYou ❤️

// i'll do anything for that smile ❤️ I love us. #TB Dec. 2013'

// so sweet. love this girl! She can SANG!! 🎉🎤💖 #Repost @feliciamro .
I finally got a picture with this beauty. Love you Ashley! So blessed to have you singing at CFC!! #LoveGod #LovePeople #LoveNewFriends

// what an honor to be a tiny part of this morning! Vision Sunday's week 3 with Pastor @micahncarter from Yakima was incredible. Thank you P. Micahn for sharing your amazing story about nothing being impossible with Jesus in your boat! 🙌🏼. Also, this is me... 🙋🏽. Ha. #VisionSunday 🎉

// the ☀️ came out today for the first time in months. TY Jesus. it was the perfect moment to get out & spend alone time. we all need it sometimes. life gets crazy - you deserve to take time for yourself to breathe, think & allow peace to fill your soul. ☀️✨.

// 10 years ago today my sweet Grandpa met Jesus. For 18 years I was able to be loved by him in such a special way, he made me feel like it was the first time he ever saw me every time he hugged & kissed me to say hello, he was just an amazing human being & Im just so thankful to have memories & moments with him etched in my heart forever. His stories about life were incredible. His love for his family was even more incredible though. He left a HUGE legacy for our family & today we celebrated together like we always do. We ate his favorite food & reflected on those beautiful years with him! I love you Grandpa Raul, I will always be honored to be your Granddaughter, & I will always love Jesus, live life to the fullest, have a party for any reason, & make every day count just like you did. 💖 #RaulsDay 3.12.17

// #InternationalWomensDay 💖💖💖💖💖 I was fresh out of college here & chose to fearlessly move to Seattle, work at Nordstrom, take on bills, student loans & independent living. I mostly worked with very strong, experienced Men but I stood right along side them with my little experience & learned so many things during that time while learning to live on my own. Since birth I've watched women around me be incredible examples of what it takes to be amazing wives, amazing mothers & still go after their dreams & work hard.. how amazing are we? We do it allllll!! Strong women inspire me. even now, being surrounded by mostly Men at my awesome job, I continue to work hard & hopefully inspire other ladies that are now around me! one day I will carry life inside of myself & I am just in awe of all that women are capable of, &how powerful & beautiful we all are.
Here's to THE GIRLS!!! 🎉💖💪🏽🎉✨💖💪🏽🎉

// nothin' much better than Vision Sunday at Church, Family Time & Feasting. 🎉🍴💖 #SoYum #GrandmaAskedForLamb #SadieCarvedTheCarne

// family is in town celebrating @sarahnicole coming home 😊🎉❤️. #SoGladShesBack xo

// can't get over this picture & this journey my beautiful sister is on...✨ it's hard to describe how proud I am of you Sarah.. I'm so glad God has you in the palm of his hands, it's amazing to have a front row seat & watch it all happen. I love you!! 😘

#Repost @sarahnicole
I'll never forget the memories made in Batumi & how this beautiful sea brought so much peace to my heart. Many changes will happen in the next few months (which brings SO much stress) as I wrap up this huge goal/dream. I just need to constantly remind myself that God has already worked out every single detail. ❤️ #sarahnicolesbsnjourney #TrioTakesTbilisi #AndBatumi

// first Singing Sunday of many with these amazing people 🙌🏼🎉🎤. so much fun. #CHURCH

// had the best day showing Sam one of my fav. places 😍& Joey got to play with our new 📸. xo

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