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Ash Brooks  If you hate Taylor Swift I hate you

Happiest of birthdays to my best friend, girl of my dreams and love of my life @holliecol - There is no hand I'd rather hold, no heart I'd rather home, no morning breath I'd rather endure and no one else in this world for me. I miss you so much but I love you so much more ✨ see you soon pretty girl

I just want everyone to know that CAMPCHELLA was my idea. That’s all.

I can’t tell the difference between weekdays and weekends anymore


We’re wearing $2 I heart Canada shirts because we heart Canada and each other ❤️🇨🇦❤️

I’m getting paid to be here lmao

You know how sometimes you’re sitting around with your friends, laughing way too hard and you have this out of body experience where you feel so fucking blessed to have a beating heart? That’s been my life lately and it’s so good tbh. That’s all. Bye

Dancing In The Moonlight is on a constant loop in my head around these people ✨

It didn’t take long for these people to feel like family.

Honestly, I went full Alicia Keys 🗽

I may have spent a few hours hugging a toilet bowl cause Street Food was too cultural for this white girl BUT I’d still die for NY

This man’s sister just had a baby on the other side of the country. He came up to me asking about my camera and where I’m from and if I missed my family (as if I was gonna tell him I’d only been gone a day lol). He was waiting for her to FaceTime him so we said bye and he went to sit on this ledge. I didn’t realise he was just staring at his phone until I got back to the hotel to look at the pics. Boy oh boy did it make me emo as heck 🙃

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