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The Unofficial Ashraff Moghni  🏅 Finalist Hero Remaja 2017 🎤 On Air Talent 7 🎭 Actor wannabe Just a guy who love to see what life has to offer.

I miss doing some re-enactments of some scenes. Should I do this kind of video again? 🤔
comment yes if you guys think I should 😬 and no if you want something better 👎

Haih.. nak makan apa la malam ni. Perut dah berbunyi ni 🤔#firstworldproblems

Been resting from my ig for awhile. Now I’m back 😉
Comment below on what kind of content should I do for IG! Maybe fashion, food, or even traveling. Do suggest some new things as well if you guys have any ideas 😊

Hari Malaysia is just around the corner. Celebrate it with a cup of McCafe Latte and Red Velvet cake. Check out the design of McCafe cup, it’s like a tribute to our beloved Jalur Gemilang. No matter where we are, remember to always feel proud of our country. Sayangi Malaysiaku!
#McCafeMoments #CelebrateTheTasteWeLove

It’s not always the place that matters, but the people you’re with 😉

Comment below if you agree that a sunset is one of the most beautiful thing ever! 🌅

Langkawi vibe 🏖

A short vacation ⛰

Enjoying my McCafe Latte and Red Velvet Cake, can’t help but to feel proud and tall seeing the Merdeka cup design. Selalunya ke Dataran Merdeka nak celebrate tapi tahun ini kat McCafe pun boleh rasa semangat menyambut hari Merdeka! 🇲🇾 #McCafeMoments #CelebrateTheTasteWeLove

Good morning world! 🌎