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Ash Myers Designs  ✨Create A Life That Inspires You To Create.✨ Living my dreams & Helping others do the same. 👻Snapchat: hiashmyers #Youtube👇🏼

🎥Photo by: @acquiringwise
Reflecting on what my focus will be this summer, and realizing how far I have come financially, spiritually and in terms of focus. I notice that as my art grows, I grow in the same gradual way as a person. I can't change the crappy art I once made, just as I can't change certain embarrassing or immature versions of myself in the past...but somehow every awful line I drew on a sketchbook page or in my career or life helped me learn to create something beautiful years later...✨ ...And for you it is no different. If you create, take the time right now to really pay attention to the fact that the same hands that produce your masterpieces, are the hands creating your life. You CAN breathe the same level of color and life into your friendships, romantic relationship, personal development and career as you do into your art form. "How we do anything is how we do everything" and I would argue if you are working to master some craft in this life, it is your responsibility to bring that creative genius into the other areas of your life with each new level you reach✨

So with all of these reflections happening lately, I am happy to soon be giving you video content I've poured my heart and soul into, as well as continued art all summer long. Please Share your journey with me as I share mine with you. I just want to see more of you succeed in whatever your dream is, and help you along the way.
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Freehand Drawing of @nyanelebajoa
My Snapchat has the process of this from start to finish (I admit it got a little long lol but wanted to document the quest of creating it so you couple see how much goes into even small drawings !)

Taking the time today to reflect on my journey as an artist, and despite all the goals I have for my work that I am working towards, the most important thing is that I have the health and ability to create art in the way I do. This isn't perfect, but I once struggled so deeply to draw faces, and in those moments where I create something that I feel proud of...I am just so beyond grateful to be here, to have progressed this far. It is the most rewarding feeling in the world. ✨
I want everyone to find something like,music, math or building or ...whatever it is. I hope you find something you absolutely love, and even in your darkest times you'll live a life with a fulfillment to it that no one else can touch.
My art adds a depth and beauty to my life that makes me peaceful, despite whatever else goes on. I am so grateful to live this life, and today I want to remind you that no matter where you are in your'd be amazed how far you really can come. You'd be amazed how far you can surpass your dreams by. I'm just happy to be here, creating. Everything else is icing and sprinkles on the cake ✨
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I'm doing these little mini drawings to build my skill with colored pencil. Today's inspiration came from @kimberleymargarita_ ...though it ended up being its own face because it doesn't quite look like her 😁✨
This is drawn off of one of her beautiful make up looks. I don't like to copy photos 100% exact in every way because I feel it takes some of the fun out of art making, so I added my own little twist to this. ✨
Every time I complete one of these, I'm able to take new lessons back into the larger pieces I'm working on. These quick studies are a great way to keep me connected to my own art journey and aren't as picture perfect or polished as I'm used colored pencil skill isn't as strong as my skill with graphite...but I'm learning to let go of perfection a bit so I can grow more as a creator....Easier said than done...Happy Wednesday y'all

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And yet for all of my time searching
All I had to learn was this:
As fun as it may be to make dreams,
to live them is bliss.

This portrait is a drawing of @snitchery Comment who you'd like to see me do my own version of next (: ✨
Good morning! Little poem and new art to start your day, as I've returned 🌞
This is an experiment. I used Polychromos colored pencils for the face and acrylic paint for the hair and paint splotches. I'm doing some smaller portraits of the different faces of Instagram with my own twist on them. Hope you enjoy (: You can view the process of making this on my Snapchat story, or see some more pics of the original on my insta story.✨ #snitchery

I feel blessed to have art. It is a source of endless magic and inspiration for me in this life. It guides me, it brings me joy, it helps me connect to others in ways I can't through any other vehicle. This was shared on my Facebook with this poem I scribbled along with it. Enjoy ✨
Ive danced wildly through life,
adorned in the colors of curiosity and wonder and awe
And I’ve tripped along the way,
I’ve stumbled and tumbled and appeared too wild for some
too mild for others
But even after everything,
I believe in the magic and music that carried me here
and I believe that with the same childlike enthusiasm,
We can all learn to paint our own masterpieces
using the wild, imperfect colors of our ever-evolving characters.

I am not perfect,
but have seen enough to know
That if we have the courage
to dance wildly through life
We will finally learn to dance with more grace and control
than those who danced safely through their songs
too afraid of how it might look if they were to dare try
to stray from small, safe, perfectly-coordinated sways
and leap with all their might into their own rhythm

and though it took a few rough tumbles,
and I did not always look graceful to others
along the way,
Ive danced wildly through life
and All of the practice and all of the passion
Lead me to a poised, polished and tasteful tribute
to the music within that had guided me all along. ✨

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✨Life is magic✨ #art #artlife #artist #mermaid #space #colored pencil

🌙✨ Sometimes my mind can feel so heavy, but I just sing my way through. The fears and thoughts and fantasies are just passing storms against the larger sky of my life. Sometimes I feel so small that the winds of my own uncertainty might swallow me up. But then, I remember that I created those winds, and with the same strength I can create just as much joy, light and stability as I have created downpours. Sometimes I feel a soft yet nagging emptiness, like an overcast noon that taunts you all the way through to the black of night, hissing threats of rain. But then sometimes I feel the sun. I feel it's droplets of warmth and hopeful embrace and all at once I remember that whatever I feel, the most sorrowful rains will still grow forests and the most well intentioned sun can still burn skin and all that seems overwhelming now, might just be a passing part of a larger design.
I spill words and emotions and indecisions endlessly....but I'd rather be expressive than succinct, and alive than numb. Our quirks contain talents if we take the time to develop them. ✨

Some of today's thoughts for you, haha. Always in my feelings. ✨I'm finishing pieces up today on snapchat, if you're not already you can follow me @ 👻HiAshMyers✨
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Last but not least for today, my pink haired cloud pilot sketch. This is the end result of the YouTube speed drawing I posted. Honestly just started sketching and this came out...per usual. I just have all of these unrelated characters floating around in my brain I guess. #art #sketch #artist

Know I posted this earlier in the week, but finally got a non blurry photo (: This is my first successful go at acrylic painting. Did a small skull study on an oval wooden block. I'll be sharing my progression with acrylics over the next few months. Enjoy ☺️✨ I posted the progression of this on my IG story and snap. Be sure to keep up with me on my snapchat to see sneak peeks of how I create pieces like this. Username on snapchat: hiashmyers #painting #acrylic #artist #skull #monochromatic

Finally got a clear photo of this merprincess sketch! Posted it about a dozen times but finally got my camera to work the way I wanted it to 🙈👍🏼✨ This was done with #polychromos colored pencils on toned sketchbook paper ✏️ I love saving these sketches to reference for later paintings. So maybe you will see this lady again as I progress with acrylics 👀

Another reminder to view my new speed drawing if you haven't already checked it! You can also follow me on snapchat or view my IG story to see my daily art happenings. I've been sketching a bunch and only sharing these special in progress sketches on IG story/snapchat :) Link to everything in my bio! #youtuber #art #artist #youtube

Photo of the Quick morning sketch I filmed today. Even though my goal this year is to more deeply explore color and working with surreal concepts in my portrait work, I am still going to be doing black and white realism to continue sharpening those skills. This is the rough, initial sketch of my next portrait project. Before my portraits I always do at least one "rough sketch". The lines are heavy handed, the proportions are close but not yet perfectly polished and the shading is more just there as a guideline than as anything finished and detailed. I think this step is so important, because I could stop here...And most of those who feel intimidated by portraits do stop here. I think this is why anyone who has felt frustrated drawing faces feels they fail at portraiture. In reality, this is the first of MANY steps. Later in the week I am filming how I go from something like this, to something highly realistic with soft, subtle shading. Working with realistic drawings takes many steps and mostly patience. Hoping as I share my process more deeply, it will encourage those who feel weak at faces that maybe you aren't "bad" at drawing them...maybe you just give up too soon and need to take the few additional steps I'm going to show you. Happy Monday Creatives & Spectators! <3 #monday #sketch #art #artist

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