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ash✌🏼  Love More ⚡️ Judge Less Fitness Enthusiast . Positive Vibes ✨ Goldsheep Ambassador🦄 Fré Ambassador- code Ash917 💌

When you know you should be going to class but you find every excuse under the sun not to🙈 #sleeeeepy

Anyone feel like they just can't find the push? Well, you are not alone🙅🏽most days I jump out of bed with so much energy ready to go, but the past 3 days I haven't been able to find the motivation & that's okay. Take what you need, mentally & physically. When you feel tired- listen. Your body will thank you.

Tomorrow is a new day. All my peeps who are on the struggle bus this week lets jump back in together tomorrow okay? 👊🏽💪🏽💕


You decide your happiness. So right now at this very moment what do you choose? ✨You get to set the tone for your whole day.
Monday's are hard because we make them to be. So instead of being miserable that it is Monday-be happy that you are able to start fresh this week💕

Sendings lots of positive vibes your way🌻

I would like to wish a very happy birthday to @maddyhollander💕 i am so unbelievably proud of how much you have grown over the past couple of years. You are stronger than people double your age and I admire you for that. You have been the most amazing friend to me & I am so grateful for you ! You deserve only the best my little soul sista munchy moo🦄🍦🌻🖤🚲

I hope today you find happiness even when it feels like there isn't any to be found.
I hope that you smile because you deserve too.
I hope that in all the craziness that is going on you are able to take a few minutes to appreciate that you are alive.
I hope that you laugh, and really laugh because laughter cures everything.
And lastly I hope that you have the most beautiful Saturday ❤️💛😊

Can this be every Friday?!?😍❤️ When @kal_fitlife surprises you & @m3ll212 let's you ride double podium with @maddyhollander for her birthday😭 Low key crying a little. I love you guys so much 💕 like a lot. Let's do it again ✨

Two years ago, I decided it was time for me to start a new chapter in my life. I took a risk and I started a new job that would no longer be in NYC. My commute changed drastically, and I was worried about what would come of it.

The same week I started, Joe proposed. My team has been there with me the past two years through the really amazing times , as well as the not so good times. Today they put together the most amazing bridal shower/bachelorette party and I am so grateful.

I am really lucky that I get to work with some of the most creative, kind, smart, talented, caring, funny human beings. You guys make my life better every single day. I love you & I can't thank you enough for everything💛🥂🦄🍦

You have been my happy ever after, my fairytale, my best friend, my soul mate and soon I get to call you my husband.
Exactly one month from today💕#iDOnofrio #081917

This is me smiling because Monday is over but this is from Saturday, so I was really smiling because Joe was taking me to get ice cream 🍦😊🦄🦋🌻

Date night 💕😍 #myforeverdate #iDOnofrio

Saturday's are my FAVORITE days 💕🌻😊 There is something so special about the energy that is in that studio. With everything going on right now, it has been the greatest way to start my weekends before jumping into the craziness. You guys made my morning! so much LOVE.

@m3ll212 THANK YOU x100 for everything. Your words make me stronger every class & your positivity is exactly what I need.
Guys I'm off to my second dress fitting 😍😍😍😍😍 ahhhhhh!! Have the greatest day🌻

Ayeeee baby it's Friday!!!!!🎉🎉🎉 & this is my Friday dance, care to join?! 😜.
I overslept this morning and Missed my 6am class😭 but it's okay cuz it's da weekend🙌🏽hope you find some sunshine on this rainy day ☀️ also lots of new music out!! I added a bunch of songs to my Spotify playlist-Ashley Michele - check it out 😊

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