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ash✌🏼  Love More ⚡️ Judge Less Fitness Enthusiast . Positive Vibes Your Potential is Endless ✨ 💌

Giving up is always an option but NEVER a choice ✨ .

There are days when you will not feel motivated to do anything. You can't find the energy to push yourself. You are just getting through the day because you have too. EVERYONE has those days. We tend to beat ourselves up when we feel this way. It happens. Allow yourself to feel & don't be so hard on yourself. Find something that will bring some positive light to your day. Read a book before bed, put on a face mask, go for a walk- set an intention for the next day .

Allow your body & mind to go through what it is going through. Take a second to BREATHE🙏🏽

Laser Focused⚡️
68 Days till Miami🌴
116 Days till our Wedding👰🏽🤵🏽🥂
128 Days till Hawaii🌊☀️ .
2017 you are my favorite yet 😘

✨you only get one life. Live it, appreciate it, love it.✨

Got to ride boyfriend bike in this beauties 8:30am class this morning 💛 It is still crazy to see Jera up on that podium. I am beyond proud of this girl😭 thank you for all of that positive energy it was exactly what I needed to end this weekend💕love you my little doodle jumping bean 😘


A little different kind of transformation for you all. In this first picture I weighed 108lbs. Same weight I was for pretty much all of late teens, early twenties. I literally never fluctuated with weight. To some you, you might think that's great, but that wasn't the case for me. Being skinny didn't mean anything. I wanted to build muscle, gain strength and endurance. When I started BBG I wanted exactly what the name spelt out a Bikini Body which to me meant a 6pack. For over a year, I did BBG and i got the results I wanted and it promised. I was super lean from all the HIIT + Soul Cycle on the side. So combined, looking back it was a lot of cardio .

With my new routine I am now doing a lot more Strength Training than before. Last week I went to the doctor. I don't believe in weighing myself but obviously it is in the routine to get weighed. I am now 118lbs which means I gained 10 lbs since last year & you know what.. I am so HAPPY. We all have different goals, loose weight, gain weight, gain muscle, etc. but one thing I have learned is that your goal should not be something quick and temporary like "getting abs" if should be about living a healthy lifestyle & finding what makes you happy .

First off, I stopped restricting myself from what I am eating &I found balance. I learned to step out of my comfort zone and start lifting weights and using machines. I was willing to try something new, like Paola's guide. I turned UP the resistance at @soulcycle instead of just sprinting & I realized that happiness isn't abs and a flat stomach it's being comfortable in your own skin .

So do me a favor-stop counting calories, instead ENJOY LIFE. Stop worrying about "getting bulky" instead PICK UP THE WEIGHTS. Stop telling yourself you aren't strong and START telling yourself that you ARE. Be willing to try new things, it is so important to change up your routine .

This is going to be the last before and after picture I post for a while, because there isn't any after photo can justify how proud I am of my hard work Work for Strong not Skinny & be the best version of you💪🏽✨

Check out my Soul Journey on 😊✨ .

It was pretty hard to summarize how much Soul Cycle had changed me & to write about how much the instructors have impacted me. I could go on and on about how my outlook on life has become so much more positive because of it and about the people I have met. I can't say it enough, Thank you. Literally every single one of you. 💛

Ride 1 of 10,20, or 30 tonight, whatever I can do! Lol Happy #TURNITUP lets do this 👊🏽💕 #FindYourSoul

Who is excited that it is almost the weekend🙋🏽 this girl is!! I gave barre another shot last night and I loved it, but doing legs the morning after was torture🤦🏽‍♀️ but I really wanted to share some moves from @paosfitworld Week 2 leg day. All can EASILY be done at home! A lot of people ask me if her guides can be done at home, and a few days out of the week they absolutely can. So if you can't make it to the gym, you have no excuse 😊 I know how hard it can be to get to the gym, so having the option to workout from home is always a plus🎉 .

LOVE this song! The Other-by Lauv

Hope you all crushed it today 👊🏽❤

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself"✨ .

I always vow to stay true to who I am. To not change for anyone. To not worry what others think or say about me, and to be myself. You can find me dancing around at soul cycle, or blasting my music singing with my windows down. I care so much about everyone, probably too much. I love, and I love hard. I take gym selfies and post long captions on instagram. There are days when I am eating chicken burgers and veggies for lunch and days when I'm stuffing my face with French fries and ice cream. Point of the matter is, someone is always going to have something to say no matter what you are doing. So forget what people say and make sure you do what makes you happy .

Spread love, spread kindness, make your intentions pure & most importantly surround yourself with people who lift you up and love you just as you are ✨

Every single day counts. We get so caught up in our crazy lives & our daily routines we forget to just take a moment and realize how blessed we are🙏🏽 everything you are going through right no, it will help you grow. So take a deep breath and know everything will be okay. Appreciate every single day.

Happy Tuesday Y'all!!! Wanted to share some abs workouts I added to the end of my total body days. It's always a good idea to add things and change up your routine. Try it out and let me know what you think !

Repeat 5 times total:
1. grab 5 of blocks that you would use for steps. Bring them over to your legs and back 1 full time. Squeeze every time. This is going to burn 🔥
2. Toe touches ( 15x)
3. Russian twists (20x)
4. Side crunches ( 20 each side)
5. Bicycle crunches (20x) sorry this got cut off in the video 😔 .

Hope you had a great day. Almost made it through the hump!💕

Hello Monday, Hello New week🙋🏽This is the perfect opportunity to get yourself back on track✨ .

Real talk: I took the weekend off from the gym. I haven't taken two full days in a very long time. Instead, I spent time with Joe, my friends & my family. I ate LOTS OF DELICIOUS FOOD & it was worth it. Balance is so important. Taking the weekend to enjoy yourself once in a while isn't going to destroy all the hard work you put in .

Week 2 of @paosfitworld Guide started today. Did biceps, triceps, abs. Adding in HIIT on arm days. So I did 10 minute sprint intervals on the treadmill. I hate the treadmill but give me a good playlist and I zone out😜 .

Summer starts in 2 months🌞🙏🏽💛! Set your goals & let's crush them👊🏽

Happy Easter from the future Mr. & Mrs💕💍🐰 #iDOnofrio #4months #fiance #happyeaster

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