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Don’t wait for a big moment or event to be grateful. We take for granted the simple fact that today we woke up. We are alive & for that we should be thankful.
Maybe your day didn’t go as planned. You sat in traffic, your train was delayed, you had an off day at work or you just didn’t feel like yourself. It happens. Take a deep breath and move on. The moment will pass. Celebrate the little moments. Leave all that stress at the front door and just enjoy your night.
I’m currently celebrating that I get to sit with my husband and have dinner just the two of us. Those are the moments most special to me🙏🏽 Don’t wait for the weekend or big events to celebrate life, celebrate right now 💕 #littlemoments

Starting the week by sending you all positive vibes 🙏🏽 This week let’s strive for progress NOT perfection. Let’s applaud our achievements and learn from our mistakes. Clear your mind of self doubt & believe in all that you have to offer.
Because hey! It’s a good week to have a good week 😊

Yeahhhh we got it goin on got it goin on🎶💛 😎@maddyhollander thanks for dancing on bikes with me!
@girlywurly54 thanks for recording this 😍
@soulcycle @brunomars @iamcardib


“This life will go by, in the blink of an eye & I wouldn’t want to spend it without you by my side. The clouds are gonna roll, the earth is gonna shake but I’ll be your shelter through the wind and the rain.” #weddingsong #myforever #hubs

FEB 17 > JAN 18👊🏽 Same love for fitness. New mindset.
This past year I began to challenge myself in ways I haven’t before. I decided I wanted to start weight training. I got over the mindset that lifting weights would make me “bulky”. I can say I have never been happier. I am so much stronger not only physically but mentally.
My journey has changed. I am not defined by a number on a scale or if I have a 6pack. It is about feeling strong & healthy. That is the greatest goal anyone can achieve 💕

All my friends starting their journey- don’t give up. Remember small changes lead to greater ones. Be patient with yourself, support yourself and most importantly love yourself just as you are right now. You won’t achieve your goals if you aren’t already your biggest cheerleader. YOU GOT THIS✨

Ever hear the saying “ if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”? This is hands down one of my favorites and it is so true 🙌🏽 .

One of my goals for 2018 was to try and take at least one yoga class a month. Tonight I took my first one of the new year and I LOVED IT. I was able to take 60 minutes to become aware of my mind and body. I focused on my breathing, on my movement and how lucky I am to be able to be in that very moment.

Most importantly, I left happy. Happy to be alive, happy to have been able to MOVE & happy to connect with my body . 💛

First day back to the gym and it felt sooo good 🙏🏽🙌🏽 hopefully this weekend was a kickstart to a great week ahead🤞🏽 I always find when I fall off track that I need a weekend filled with prepping and planning to feel like myself again. Even if you are limited on time- make sure to take a few minutes to prep yourself for what is to come this week. (Oh and things may not always go as planned- and that is OK!!!) but it’s important to at least try and plan. My phone is filled with lists and notes of things I need to accomplish and get done. This helps me stay on track. Oh and checking things off the list is a great feeling 😍

All my friends who fell off track, let’s start again together tomorrow! 👊🏽 new week to be the best version of yourself you can be!

Life isn’t always rainbows & butterflies but things happen in our lives to put us on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us 💛

Thankful to get back to @soulcycle today & move my body. We take for granted the fact that we are able to get up and moveeeee. Appreciate that simple thing today & do something that benefits your body and mind.

Happy Weekend! XO

💇🏼‍♀️ #selfie

Celebrating the new Mr. & Mrs. Mazzio❤️ #onthetrainatomazzio

Channeling my inner child 🎪🍭❤️

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