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ASHIKIN M  How many more Galileos do you want?//

City of Stars, are you shining just for me

This marks the end of our Second Global Forum of Young Diplomat; but never the same case for our ASEAN family. Once a family, always a family 💕

Sebenarnya semua tengah sejuk; hari ni 7celcius dengan hujannya, angin kuatnya. Biasalah kalau kat ASEAN countries paling sejuk pun 16celcius pasang aircond dekat rumah.

Saya seekor semut merah,

Sochi, your sunset is extraterrestrial

Malaysian Reps et The Second Global Forum of Young Diplomats, Sochi Russia :)

Sunrise in Doha is a gift from heaven, sweetheart

Aku tak mahu berhenti menulis bila tiada manusia; perkataan datang sebelum bibir, irama datang selepas suasana-suasana lepas dan langit, masih terus bersalin setiap hari. -Gerabak Semalam, #Sunset1989

Lukisan indah oleh: Tune Zikri

Happiest birthday my sayang since 2002, Yajay Bonbon. Thank you for being my favorite dentist and layan I peluk lengan you mengada-ngada macam apa while you're checking and scalling my teeth, (you know how scared i am with other dentists lol) And for all our merepek conversations and how you always tell me to go back to God when I feel unwell about life. You deserve everything great in life for your kindness. *Sorry for recycling our old photo; cause i couldn't find other photos but yea, I love you. You know that don't you 💕

Kinda miss myself in long hair; and really really in love with Love of My Life by Queen. & ten more months to go to be my full self, with long hair and my favorite oversized black turtleneck again

If you can't use flowers, you use bricks. & on a pretentious side of the day, I actually re-learn french at a mamak with my sunnies on while listening to Mayer

Happiest birthday cutie in the middle. You're always the motherly one & I'm so happy you can utilize your full skill to your own daughter now. All great things and love to you my sweets 💜

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