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Ashlyn {Cagle} Ready  Momma to JaxonBlair•Apple Inc. specialist Student Pastor with my hubbae, JBKR @CP ••• SA||TX

He was ready for an adventure 🕶

Sundayz & Jax ⚓️❤ #JXNblair

Pray for lil punkin. He's got a fever of 102 and isn't feeling well at all. You can just see it in his eyes that he's not the playful and smiley baby he usually is which makes this momma sad seeing him in discomfort. 😭

I absolutely can't believe my lil love is #6months today!😩
He laughs at everything and extremely ticklish. He loves his bouncer and eating solids (which makes this momma sad bc he'll be stopping nursing all the time sooner than I thought). And he loves the camera... as you can tell. .
He dislikes being woke up and sitting in one place for a while.
We love our buddy so much!!👶🏼

Slobbery kisses are my favorite💋

Look who sat in a big boy chair for the first time 🙊 #JXNblair

This lil dude is my life❤ #JXNblair

Ugh, I love my dudes ❤ #JXNblair

Happy Sunday, happy boy 👶🏼 #JXNblair

I love my people #OUTL3T #GSM

As I sit here after putting Jax to sleep for his nap, I reflect on how true this is. It's not easy being a momma, but oh is it worth it. Every sleepless night, every dirty diaper, every tooth ache is so worth it. To see the joy in his face or an accomplishment he does is so worth every bit of it.
He's cutting two teeth right now so that means early morning crying wakings, but somehow God just gives you the strength as a mom. It's incredible how I can be up it seems like all night sporadically and yet, I can still get up bright and early to get everything ready for our day. If you're struggling with knowing if you're good enough, you are. If you're struggling with knowing you can make it another day, even though you get no sleep, you can. It's funny, Jaxon can laugh a hundred times and yet, we still whip out the video to record that hundred and one time as well just to get it all saved. Because one day he'll be grown and these precious times, the good, the bad, and the poopy, will be all we have. Mommin' ain't easy, but what a fun it is doing life with such a perfect lil human, not to mention the perfect hubbae I have to help me along.