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ashlynowings  Just a mom living a healthy lifestyle amongst the craziness that is life! Health and wellness account @thrivedailylife

I had to change as soon as I got home from work!
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Because when you are 4 years old it is completely rational to need 4 hair bands!! #raisingastrongwillerdaughter #raisingastronggirl

The sun going down behind the clouds and HILLS never gets old!!! #texasisflat

Today has been a total win!!! Healthy breakfast
Yoga at the gym
Healthy snack and then lunch
Water and greens/hydrate while running errands
Lower Fix after 5 pm which is a HUGE win since I am am AM workout person but I needed to go to yoga at the gym for my sanity 😬
Started to get some clarity in areas I need to make decisions

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It's been raining on and off since Saturday night but it's still been in the 80s. This morning it's raining pretty good and it's 65*. That is the coolest temperature it's been since moving to Texas. So I will sit with my coffee, back door open and enjoy this!

How your weather today?

Today I celebrate Transformation Tuesday as I use my bodies cues to help determine what is best.

It is hard to explain what it's like to have nagging pain. I don't like to call it chronic because I know I am healing. But a big part of that healing can only happen when I listen to my body.
I have done 4 weeks of Insanity Max 30. The first week my neck really hurt (and so did my hips) but we also drove to Texas. So I attributed it to the drive. I decided to continue the workouts keeping them low impact. By Sunday I was in so much pain I just had to lay flat on my back for almost 2 hours.
I started feeling some relief and could function pretty normally Monday so I went for a run/walk and felt great. I woke up this morning dreading my scheduled workout and feeling like I needed to do weights. So I did Chisel Balance and again it felt great!

So for the next week and a half (until Mikayla and I get to Texas) I will continue to listen to my body. I will take the time to determine what feels best. I will focus on the difference between finding "excuses" and know when something is right for my body.
It is important to follow through on commitments but I also feel it is important to change paths when something no longer serves me. At this point I don't plan to finish the program. I will commit to another one that resonates with my body better.

Do you know what workouts resonate or work for your body best?

What did I just do???? With moving I know I need to keep working out. It helps me keep my sanity and feel better. Also, as a coach I know how important it is to not let crazy time allow us to get to far off track.
I have been doing Hamme and Chisel but since equipment is required I have to make a change. I will be driving to Dallas 2x in the next 6 weeks so shorter workouts without equipment is the only thing that is realistic. So....I just did the "digital unlock" for Insanity Max:30. I instantly got access to the program and will be able to stream the workouts from my iPad or computer.

Anyone will to take the plunge with me??? I promise it will be more fun if we do it together 😜

We just picked up the trailer 😳

No avoiding packing now!! Who has good packing tips???

This is how I felt today... As we began the major part of packing it was a really long day. There is A LOT to do. I am processing a lot. I am learning a lot about myself.

Packing is making this transition real. We are moving half way across the country, away from friends and family. Jason is starting a new career. I will be staying home.
I am really excited to be staying home. But I didn't realize how much it would affect me. I am just as nervous as I am excited. *I am going to get to explore the Dallas area and spend so much quality time with Mikayla. *I am going to be able to make dinner every night at a decent time.
*I will need to make more of an effort to get out of the house so we can make new friends *I will need to learn how to support Jason as we starts is new job and has a completely different schedule that we are used to.
*I am going to get to focus more of my time on helping people live a healthier and more active life.

It's been 8 years since I have focused full time in the health and fitness industry. I will be able to give more attention to my current team and clients and also be able to serve more people and that is truly a blessing.
If you would ever consider being part of a supportive health community please let me know. We can work together and make a plan for how you can reach your goals and create new ones ❤️

Sitting in the backyard watching Mikayla play in a bucket of water thinking about what the next couple months has in store for us. And the reality is...I don't really know. We are moving to seek better opportunities. It's not easy. We have to (and are continuing to) work through fear.

But for the first time, our dreams are becoming a vision. We are not just "hoping" for bigger and better things in life. We are creating what used to feel so far away and feeling we deserve better and can really see our dream becoming reality.

If you are ready for bigger and better things in life let's see how we can help each other get there. We are better together 💗❤️

Yesterday did NOT goes as planned. That is life. So I did 2 workouts today in order to stay on track with week 1 of Hammer and Chisel.

Consistency and keeping my thoughts on my goals and vision are my focus right now.
I'm always about keeping it was hard, I wanted to quit, got a little queasy 2x but Hammer Plyo and ISO Speed Chisel are done!
I'm going to have my Shakeology now with banana and acai berries.

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