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Ever grow up and appreciate all the little things you never noticed as a kid? 🙋🏼‍♀️ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
Recently my appreciation for life and all the “little things” has drastically increased (thank goodness) and days like today provide a fantastic opportunity for a reflection on these blessings. As I become closer to that time in my life where I will become a spouse and a parent myself, I can’t help but experience extreme gratitude for the people in my life who took on the role of raising me.
Since I was 5 years old, my parents have been separated, leading my dad to juggle his time spent with me to 2-3 days per week, for the last 20+ years. Since I was 5 years old, I would wait patiently by the living room window until 5PM when my dad would come around the corner, honk his horn twice, and park outside, indicating for me to grab my school bag and come out to the car for my weekly sleepovers. For the 12+ YEARS that my Dad was to pick me up from my moms house every Tuesday and Friday, he never missed a day.
- - - - -
My Dad always made the effort to ensure that going to “Dad’s house” meant going to MY house. My step-mom and my dad insisted that I had duplicates of ALL my favourite items that remained at their place at all times throughout my childhood, I was never packing and unpacking for my visits. I had 2 sets of Barbie dolls, of toiletry items, of movies, books, CDs and computer games. I never understood why bringing my new things back to my moms house was forbidden, but looking back, I get it, they wanted their home to BE my home, not a vacation or a temporary visit. As I grew up I NEVER had a “part-time” Dad, despite the law governing him 50% custody, I would never have known any different. My Dad was and still is a FULL time (plus overtime), Dad. He coached my soccer team, he volunteered on school trips, he helped with academic projects, he got to know all of my friends, he showed up to EVERY concert, play, game, and event with a smile, a hug, and a video camera. He was always there. He is still ALWAYS there. (Cont in comments)

TRANSFORMATION Thursday (⬅️ SWIPE): ⭐️There is a difference between training for AESTHETICS vs. training for #ATHLETICS ⭐️ (and they both have their time & place! ❤️) 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 - - - - - - - - -
1️⃣) 3 years ago at #CBBF Nationals in Halifax (I GOT ENGAGED THIS DAY!). Big boobs, tiny waist and a beautiful custom @ravishsands bikini. I felt aesthetically conditioned but certainly depleted. I did fasted cardio 3-4x per week, I ate about 1500/1600 kCals daily, I trained 6 days week, I spent A LOT of time in the gym, I prepped and weighed my meals, I loved the process and was a bit critical of myself but yes, I still loved my physique AND the journey. YES, I was happy and all-consumed in the process, just less versatile in my approach ➡️ FAST FORWARD to NOW (SWIPE) 2️⃣) A few years later, a little more cushion on me, much stronger, but also still very happy. I feel cardiovascularly conditioned, I can lift heavier, I can run much faster and longer. I am more versatile with my training, I do yoga, I flip tires, I run lots, and the time commitment is still 6x per week and A LOT of time in the gym. I eat about 2300-2600kCals daily and I still prep my meals. I am less critical of my physique but more critical of my performance 😂... and SIDE NOTE: I am STILL happy! - - - - - - - - -
There is no “better” way to focus on your fitness- you do as you please with where you are in life with what ya got. My bodybuilding experiences were GREAT, my Femsport experiences are GREAT- why? Because fitness itself is GREAT in all forms. I like a new push and a new challenge and fitness continues to provide this for me in new and exciting ways!
- - - - - - - - -
What kind of fitness goals would YOU like to see me tackle next? I am up for something new!

Best friends that wake up at 7am to workout on vacation together... stay together... and stay on track with their fitness goals 🙌🏼
Continuing to surround myself with the people who bring out the BEST in me meant taking off for a long weekend with some of my favourite people. These last few days have proved to be medicine for the body, and for the soul💗 ➖➖➖➖
5-years ago if you had asked me what my friends and I would do for “fun” on the weekend: I guarantee it would NOT have included 7am hill sprints till you want to puke, evening yoga classes, fine wine, peaceful meditations, good books and bed by 10pm 😂
It is rare that you return home from a friend-filled getaway more refreshed and ready to tackle life than ever before, but thanks to having the coolest friends ever in my life, I am! @ambers23 @bobbybigggs @ker.benn ❤️
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Spending the morning increasing my circulation and recovery at Sparkling Hills Resort by testing out the “Cold Sauna” in conjunction with the “Kneipp Waterway” and Hot Steam Rooms 😓 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
Heading from extreme HOT’s to extreme COLD’s all morning got me feeling all sorts of relaxed and tingly for our drive back to AB. It is known that the extreme temperature shifts can aid in muscle recovery & soreness while decreasing inflammation and boosting blood flow 🙌🏼 YUP, I’m feeling great 👍🏼 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
I remember reading that my love @tonyrobbins hits up an extremely hot steam shower before he plunges into ice cold water every morning: so today, I tested it out... and if I could do this every morning like Tony, you bet I would (I would pretty much do anything like Tony ‘cause I love him THAT much)

Had such a blast celebrating my beautiful friend @dwanbannink and her new hubby @boyle06 last night at @cherrycreekestate 💗
Dwan was a STUNNING bride (no surprise there) and the venue, food, decor, flowers EVERYTHING about their special day was absolutely gorgeous! 😍 There was so much love in the room yesterday... AND their amazing wedding proved to be a stellar double date for @bobbybigggs and I to share with my bestie @ambers23 and her other half @ker.benn 😍

Anyone else attend the @kevinhart4real “Irresponsible” tour last night?... gosh it was funny 😂
This was my first experience of a comedy show and I don’t know if anything in the future could ever compare 😂 ➖➖➖➖
It’s so nice getting out of gym clothes, eating good food and spending the evening laughing my ass off with the love of my life. We need more of that in our life- perhaps everyone does- the smiles, the gut-wrenching laughs, the genuine giggles- I like that stuff! ❤️ Thanks for the date night @bobbybigggs - We are onto our next stop on our weekend gateway: my girl @dwanbannink’s wedding 👰 EEEK! Can’t wait 😊

FRIDAYS are for workouts, sweatpants, and a LONG WEEKEND off of work 🙌🏼 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
Off for a killer training sessions with my Femsport girls this morning then hitting the road for a weekend away with my man and best friend! Life is good! So much to be grateful for! #TGIF

TRAVEL: the only thing you buy that makes you richer 💰 🌎 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
I’ve always been a fan of EXPERIENCES over monetary or materialistic items- I’d rather DO something then GET something if given the choice. I’ve never come home from a trip and wished I hadn’t spent money on it... like, ever 🤔 You can’t put a price on things like 👆🏻👆🏻that. I am continually itching for new things to see, people to meet, food to taste, and culture to soak in.
In 50 days, the love of my life and I will get to embark on our next adventure together! We are heading to Paris, Italy and Greece this summer for our honeymoon! (places neither of us have been before!)- I am counting down the days till we get to add European countries to our travel-resume! 🇮🇹 Any tips on MUST DOs and MUST SEEs please comment! 💗

A mind filled with conclusions leaves no room for expansion” 💭➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
Personal development material has again been integrated into my morning and evening routine and OH what a difference it has had on my inward happiness. When life gets “busy”, it tends to be the rituals and habits that aid in my happiness the MOST that get put on the back-burner: mindfulness, meditation, reading, proper sleep, journaling, affirmations, yoga: SO, why let things “go” when life gets crazy? 🤔
‘Cause it’s hard to get caught up in what needs to be done RIGHT NOW- the emails, the social media, the check-lists, the new TV show, the unexpected appointment: opposed to the sh*t that aids in the “WHATS NEXT”, in the PROGRESS, in the GROWTH, in the STUFF THAT MATTERS. If you can’t give yourself 10min of silence... you probably NEED 20!
It’s important to remember that the sustainability of your happiness will outweigh the short term fix, the mindless tap and swipe, the reality television show. ➖➖➖➖
SO, take the time this week to make a personal development SWAP just like I have (IT DOES WONDERS): Can you trade 1 hour of TV with 1 hour of reading? Can you wake up 10min earlier to be at serenity with your thoughts? Can you listen to a motivational podcast or video while you apply your makeup in the morning? Can you name the things in your life you are grateful for while you drive to work?
Little things make BIG differences. Do something today that your FUTURE self will thank you for!

Throwback Thursday to my little pooch @louiegunderson crushing a workout with me at @perfectfit4u. This is certainly not how our workouts go now-a-days but this video sure warms my heart. They grow up so fast don’t they? ☺️

Throwback to 3 YEARS ago on the day I got engaged in Halifax, NS💍... and the first person I told was my new friend @beautymarkpro who I met THAT morning at the hotel 😂 she glammed me up, we drank champagne and I had the most wonderful day filled with pure happiness. I told her on that morning in 2015, on the other side of the country, that I would hire her for the day I got married back in Alberta... NOW, a few years later, I’ve grown my eyebrows back and lost my boobs, but @beautymarkpro will be glamming this face on my wedding day in 6 weeks! 💗WOW HOW TIME FLIES! Can’t wait to see you Janine!

My science brain forces me to think of love just like any scientific principle- take electricity or gravity for instance. You can deny love all you want, but just like electricity, you might not know exactly HOW it is working on a micro level, but you can’t deny that it is. You can throw something off a building a million times and no matter what, it’s always going to drop. The world wants what it wants. It’s a universal principle. That’s Love.

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