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Ashleyvette Acosta  ••south florida floral designer + shop manager••

Treated myself to a massage, manicure & haircut this weekend after the longest 12-straight days of work. I always laugh when I hear something along the lines of "you get to play with flowers all day, that must be so relaxing/easy/etc.!" ... haaaaa. I wish😂 #vscocam

I got some monstera leaves at work, spray painted them gold and I'm framing them for a big empty wall. Cheap, easy & pretty. #ourhanahome #seeninfleurida

Adrian and I made my dream coffee table. So worth the trouble. #ourhanahome #autumnthepups

I worked an 80 hour week all for moms. #seeninfleurida

I need supervision when it comes to Target's dollar spot because I really can't help but come home with something every time. This time it was freakin gold stickers🙈 #autumnthepups #ourhanahome

These peonies made quite the grand entrance at the shop today. #seeninfleurida #vscocam

Walking by this little picture always makes me smile. I love what I do. #vsco #vscocam #ourhanahome

April has been busier than I expected and it doesn't appear like it's going to slow down with Mother's Day coming up next. Already longing for another break from work 😂 #vscocam #vsco #seeninfleurida

Target subway tile wallpaper👍🏽 a lil funky on textured walls but it was inexpensive & easy to install. #ourhanahome #vscocam #vsco

Seeing all of these cosmos today brought me right back to Japan. Missing all the #floralsinokinawa today and every day. #vscocam #vsco #seeninfleurida

Yesterday I got home to find that Adrian beat me to it and replaced the old tulips for me😘 #seeninfleurida #vscocam #vsco

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