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Ashley Spivey  Always nannying, reading, cooking, or working out.

If you know me at all, you know that I hate taking pictures. Half of the time I will stick my tongue out or make an ugly face. My sister, @alexaspivey, while way more photogenic, is also an expert at the ol' ugly face. I'm so glad that of all the things I could teach Berly, this one seems to be sticking. 😊😝😖🤓👹 {swipeeeeee thru}

Best anniversary/mother's day weekend ever! Love you @afhood and @ghoodnc - thank y'all for spending the weekend with us. But mostly, thank you @shunsy14 for ruining the pic with your 🐦face. 🤣

This was us last year before we got married. We are still this happy. 🤗🤗🤗Love you @shunsy14

Finally, a longggggg overdue update on what I've been reading/what's up next on my bookshelf.
In addition to my usual kindle screenshot, I'm also including the other books that I've received from @bookofthemonthclub (not an ad). Just scroll thru to see!
Truthfully, I have not done as much reading as I would like lately. I'm blaming this on the large amount of amazing tv that is on right now and podcasts! I usually read on the subway or while I commute but lately that time has been dominated by all the @thecrookedmedia pods. 🎧 Anyone else a #friendofthepod ?
While I was in Hawaii, I crushed a couple of books. I adored When Breath Becomes Air (not pictured) and I made the mistake of reading this on a plane. I think people thought I was having a panic attack but I was really just crying so hard by the end of this book. I also really loved Forever is the Worst Long Time. It's a spectacular examination of all the different loves we can have in our life and it explores how love can change in unconventional ways. It's happy, it's sad, it's infuriating, but most of all it's a really satisfying read. Exit West was beautifully written and I really enjoyed it, but I would only recommend it to you if you are a fan of magical realism. Behind Her Eyes was a very trippy book. A lot of other people that have read it disagree with me on the ending - but I really enjoyed it. (Please don't spoil in the comments and dm me if you want to discuss.) My Perfect Life was an easy and fluffy read - but don't rush out to purchase. The Arrangement tackles the question of is it ok to have an open marriage - while I liked it, it wasn't as juicy as I hoped! Dead Letters was kind of a disappointment for me. It came highly recommended and I thought the writing was spectacular but I never cared about any of the characters. I'm currently reading Before We Were Strangers and it's a nice little diversion from murders and cheating 🤣.
Have y'all read anything else on my list? Anything I should include? Loved something I hated? #spiveys📚club

Peanut butter 🍪 protein pancakes with cacao nibs 😍
{makes 6 tiny 🥞 or 3 large 🥞}
1 🍌
2 🥚
1 scoop of vanilla protein powder of choice (I used @sunwarriortribe's vanilla plant protein)
1 tbsp #justgreatstuffpb powdered peanut butter
1 splash of vanilla extract
1 tbsp ground flaxseed
1 tbsp hemp hearts
Cacao nibs
Mix in high speed blender. Cook over medium heat in oil of choice - I used coconut oil. I sprinkled the cacao nibs onto the pancakes once they were in pan. You can top with whatever you want!!! I am trying to keep sugar low, so I topped with cashew butter, walnuts, and local 🐝 pollen.
Full disclosure: I am not a nutritionist and I'm 💯% not qualified to give this information but I have been trying to listen to my body more when it comes to food. I use @floliving's period tracker app that makes recommendations on what to eat, based on your cycle. Because I'm currently PMSing like a mofo, I'm craving chocolate, carbs and fatty foods. These pancakes are a great solution. The cacao nibs are like chocolate chips and rich in magnesium - something my body really needs rn. The carb craving is curbed with eggs, which are high in B12 and tricking my body into thinking that I am actually eating real pancakes. I'm also satisfying the urge for fatty foods with walnuts and flax seeds which are high in essential fatty acids (also great for your brainnnnn).

Are my food posts annoying y'all yet on instastories? Is there anything y'all want to see more of?

Here's my latest creation:
1 small zucchini sautéed in ghee, turmeric and garlic. I mixed in two eggs and then finished under the broiler. Add some salt and pepper at the end. 🍴🍳🥒🥑

Berly after his first sip of the 🦄frapp. He liked it on the second try (the powder on the top is super sour). Don't worry, I only let him have like 5 sips.😏

Missing you already @alexaspivey 😢

Happy #nationalsiblingday @alexaspivey!!! We've come a long way 😳👭❤️

Big thanks to this guy, who despite drinking the fruitiest drinks out of a straw, always makes sure I have the best d*mn vacations ever. Love you @shunsy14 - thank you for everything you do.

Last day in paradise 😭

@shunsy14 and I were too chicken$h!t to ask for a pic, but Adam Sandler was sitting beside us at the bar - cheering for Gonzaga and UNC. #goheelsgoamerica

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