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Ashley Selvaggio  💑 @talon0311 and Marles 🐐 are my favs. Please enjoy our adventures ❤💪

I may not look lile a bb but I sure dis sweat like one.🏋 Started a program from #tnation yesterday and it may not be a ton of volume but holy smokes it's tough.
Ps #sockgame 💯 #theuncommonthread #SweatyMcSweattlestein #ismellgoodthough ✋😎✊ #fannypack #life #hateonit #dang #smash

Coolest part of where I live is this is where I turn around and go home. i have to touch the sand tgough or it doesn't count for the day #dang that view. #dang them socks #theuncommonthread #makesmelookhellafly #adidas got my feet feeling light as a feather. #ijustfeltlikerunning #Jaxbeach #atlanticbeach

Everything The Marles needs a for sunning success, towel, bowl of ice chips on stand by, sun screen mom sprayed on me . I just need some sunnies #wishlist momma. #thewhitestpupsyouknow

Comfiest lady on the block #marlesbarkley #thewhitestpupsyouknow

Marles soaking up the #vitaminD #thewhitestpupsyouknow

Holy #waterbuffalos I'm glad that is over.
5 min step mill
Dynamic warm-up 💥100 rep leg press (no weight unless you wanna, I did ✋) don't stop until you get to the hundo, if you must rest your feet STAY UP! 💥10ish sets of Squats, reps range from 20 down to 8, I started with the bar to 185 and back down. 💥5 sets of traditional deadlift/rackpulls 10reps each eexercise
💥single arm DB snatch 4×10 each side 💥single leg extensions 2 sets 15 reps at the bottom-15 reps at the top-15 reps full range of motion.
THEN (still extensions) 3×10 single leg with jump lunges in between. 💥 Machine glute kickbacks 4×12 on the lowest setting to get my booty way no betta
💥prone leg curl 4×12 (because I'm getting tired AF) 💥Finished with: 3×10 each exercise
Seated (on the floor) Smith machine presses
Inverted rows
Pushups on the lowest setting of the Smith bar (to save my shoulders) with a knee tucks.
Holy smokes. I didn't seem like alo.t until I wrote it down, even though im sweating like a mofo! Now off to walk the Marles to watch the sun go to sleep and the moon come out ❤🐐 Then we feast!! 💪💪💪 Ps i would have never made it if it weren't for my super bomb #rehband knee sleeves! @rehband
You make it easy to do legs again. I love you for dis! #camoismyfavoritecolor @stancesocks you already know how fly you make me look 😎✌#theuncommonthread

"I freaking love rides!" -Marles

Cuddling before we go for a ride. She doesn't know we are going yet ❤ #puppypaparazzi #thewhitestpupsyouknow #bestfriend

Do these make my face look fat? #rayban

Having some sour patch adults for breakfast. #bejealous

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