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"Like the lotus flower that is born out of mud, we must honor the darkest part of ourselves and the most painful of our life's experiences, because they are what allow us to birth our most beautiful self" - Debbie Ford .
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You will not see the light at the end of the tunnel unless you walk through the darkness. #bebrave

Do you have the courage to BE who YOU are, and believe that it's enough?
#beyou #youareenough #noonelikeyou


Many may not know this page started as my personal page and slowly turned into my professional coaching page. As I had started a fitness journey, I started another personal page @fitashmami to document my fitness journey along with other personal pictures.
I will be supporting a team of people along their own fitness journey through @1stphorm 2018 Transphormation Challenge where they have a chance to win $50,000. If you are on your own fitness journey or have always wanted to start one, click the link in my bio to register on my team.
The challenge is FREE to enter and participate and will be starting January 22.
For more details head over to my page @fitashmami and check out all the details on my picture. And follow me while you're at it.
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This is true when you use your light to help others light theirs, but don't forget it's the same when lighting another candle for yourself as well. One more candle on your cake doesn't mean your less valuable. It actually makes you shine brighter.

"I lost myself trying to please everyone else, Now I'm losing everyone else while finding myself"

When you come to a break in your path, remember, a bridge is not the only way to get across the water.
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A declaration is simply a verbal agreement communicated out loud while accessing your comfort zone. Only when you are in ACTION that is aligned to this declaration, then you are playing to WIN! You cannot create extraordinary while playing in your small box of comfort. Stretch yourself beyond your knowing and see what's possible. Only those willing to go far will know how far they can go! Your goals will not tolerate mediocrity! #Expand your awareness #Awaken your power #Create extraordinary results now
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"I appreciate the things that are molding me into a better woman. Even if it hurts me or I don't understand it, I need it for who I'm becoming"
"The woman your becoming will cost you people, relationships, spaces, and material things. Choose her over everything.".
"She's completely unexplainable. You think she's the good girl, but once you get to know her, you realize she's everything. She's crazy, She's funny, She's honest, and you never know what she'll do next.".
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::. #happynewyear

"Nothing can dim the light that shines within".
-Maya Angelou

A New Moon represents a fresh cycle. Emptiness waiting for creation. It's a good time to set new intentions and it is believed that your intentions will grow full along with the cycle of the moon. It's a time of rebirth and new life, and a time to have an open heart and mind for new possibilities.
Here are a few simple steps you can do to take advantage of tonight's New Moon.
1.Meditate on clearing out any and every thing you want to let go of so you can start open and fresh. I usually focus on my breathing, taking long breaths of new energy in through my nose and breathing out whatever I want to release.
2. Create a sacred space that supports you in feeling grounded, inspired, and connected to your deeper self. I like to sit outside with a scented candle burning.
3. Write down what you want to manifest. The act of writing is very powerful and allows creation to flow through you. Take a journel or piece of paper and at the top write: "This or something better now manifest for the highest good of all concerned" and make a list of what you wish to create. Use positive affirming and PRESENT language. Statements like "I AM... " as if it already exist. DREAM BIG!!.
4. One more meditation as you go over your list that you created. Allow youself to FEEL what it's like to already have what you want. if you can feel it in your whole body, you're already closer to creating what you want. Let go of any attachment to your list and if or how it will manifest, trusting in the co-creation of universal energy.
5. Start taking Action. Every intention requires action. If you want a new relationship, does sitting at home alone everyday align with that desire. You have to Do Something!! A lot of people think the manifesting means everything you want will fall in your lap. Remember you are a CO-creator. The Universe may align to your wishes but it will still take comitted action from you to follow through.

#thevulnerabilitychallenge For a while I have felt completely disconnected from my authentic self, my passions, purpose, goals, and visions for life. I can even now say I've been going through some serious depression without even realizing it. Yes there were certain things that helped me feel more connected and real times I felt happy, excited, and motivated but they were few and the feeling was very temporary. For the most part it was hard for me to wake up and get out of bed EVERY morning but I did it because I didn't want to let people down. I felt Exhausted. Demotivated. Uninspired. Lonely. Insecure. Unworthy. Unlovable. Unhappy. Tired of having responsibility. Tired of having to think about other people. There were a lot of days I wanted to leave everyone and everything and run away. Instead I found myself going through my daily motions of life, so it seemed, feeling like I had so much to do yet also like I was doing nothing at all. Slowly drifting away from everything I had worked so hard on many years before. I didn't notice how much I was falling off, because half the time I said fuck it, and justified my actions, ignoring my results. One day I looked in the mirror and cried because I literally didn't recognize myself. No matter how hard I pretended, my internal reality was seeping through my pores unable to be ignored any longer. I didn't know who I was anymore. I can now see how I've been looking for something to save me. Anything. (Especially the gym). Only to come back to the obvious answer, that I've known all along but fearful to face...I can only save myself! It's easy to "know" what to do, but takes action to actually do it. It's easy to post inspirational shit, but takes courage to live it. The answer is never out there, it's always within. We can't run away from ourselves. Today is exactly 3 months from my birthday. I will be 34. It's time! It's time to really realize and actualize how fuckin powerful, worthy, loveable, and amazing I am. I'm tired of letting other people and things have control over that. So I made myself an action plan to take care of myself. To reconnect. IT STARTS WITH VULNERABILITY. Welcome to my REAL journey!!

Beyond grateful for all I have and the ability to give to those in need and teach my kids the same. #prayforhouston

Every experience in life serves a purpose towards our growth. In order for us to continue to evolve, there comes a time when we must let go of what no longer serves us. Which is not always easy (but that in itself is also a purpose). To be honest it can be hard as fuck. The longer we hold on to old stuff, we fill the space in which something new could arrive. Letting go doesn't mean it's not a part if you. It will always be a part of you. It simply just means learning the lesson and moving forward. When we really practice this idea, we no longer find ourself "stuck", we can continually create space, and evolve into the highest version of ourself. Whether it's an idea, a belief, a pattern or behavior, or a person/relationship... What can you let go of so that you can finally rise to where you need to be???

Another successful Discovery training! This team was challenging but by Sunday night, those that made it to the end received the prize of connection, vulnerability, healing, power, love and so much more. All the hard work, dedication, commitment, and time was worth every second, in order to make a difference in so many lives. Next up Transformation in 7 more days. Can't wait to see the results!!! IF YOUR INTERESTED IN ATTENDING FUTURE WORKSHOPS FOR A POWERFUL EXPERIENCE, DM ME FOR MORE INFO!!! #educationalawakeningcenter

9 months ago I woke up and saw 11:44 on the clock for the 3rd time in a row. I looked up the angel number meaning and it mentioned taking on a new role or venture. I had been thinking about wanting to lead workshops and seminars and thought maybe this was a sign to think about that more. This same morning I was sitting in the gym studio minding my business, when a loud guy walked in talking on his phone. I was annoyed at him for a minute because he was talking so loudly. I was about to leave anyways until I heard him mention looking for a woman to lead a woman's group. I immediately thought I should hand him my card. After he got off the phone I approached him, not realizing I already kind of knew him. He was the owner and director of Educational Awakening Center and also an old high school friend of my boyfriend. We talked and he mentioned a Discovery workshop he had coming up and I should check it out. 9 months ago I attended the Discovery and Transformation workshops and they were so life changing I decided to join the leadership staffing team to give back and support the following two workshops (feb17 and jun17). As tradition, the staff puts together a special gift they make, to give each person that registers and finishes the workshop. A few days before the training we go to Santa Monica beach before sunrise to have a torch ceremony where we create a heart in the sand and place the gifts in it and speak our intentions for these beautiful souls so they can have powerful lifechanging breakthroughs. 9 months ago my name/gift was in that sand along with 45 other people. 4 months ago I placed gifts, as staff, for 60 people in the sand. And today I stood with some of those 60 people who are now staff and we placed 110 gifts in the sand to represent the people at this next training. Knowing in 4 months they again will be doing the same to pay it forward. And it will continue to go on and grow even bigger as its gone on many times before me. People are changing lives, and in a sense changing the world. I am so privileged to be a part of it and this July will be leading my first women's group. 9 months ago, who knew, and now here I stand 200+ lives later. #blessed

Your dreams don't come to YOU by accident. They are placed into your awareness because YOU were destined to be the vessel in which the universe creates them. YOU are capable of turning nothingness into everything. Ideas into reality. Everytime a dream is realized, you experience a slice of the wholeness that exist inside of you. And just like a dream, you deserve to realize just how powerful YOU are....The universe WILL create. It stops for no one. Everytime you ignore your dreams, someone else is paying attention. If you don't create it, someone else will. So why not YOU? listen closely. You can do it!

Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished

I like to jump in pools on cruise ships with my clothes on, while I declare who I AM . Who else likes to do that? Can't be just me 😝

Knowing the importance of Mind, Body, & Food when it comes to fitness, I as a Transformational Life Coach @ashleyjnavarro teamed up with Personal Trainer @cruzcontrol_fitness and Health Coach @sofitsoclean to create 6 WEEK TOTAL TRANSFORMATION IN WOODLAND HILLS, CA
The program includes: ☀12 outdoor group training sessions ☀A Full workout schedule for "off" days
💭3 individual life coaching sessions via Skype 🍎 A full 6wk Meal Plan Calendar 🙆 A private FB group for support. 💵And a chance to WIN $100CASH and other prizes. :
FOLLOW::: @cruzcontrol_fitness and @sofitsoclean

She recognizes that she on a journey of Love. That journey consists of continually awakening to the Love that she is. Breaking down the barriers that she's built up over the years. Breaking through the fear, the limiting beliefs, the pain, the struggles and creating change to the woman in the mirror so she can see what she is truly capable of in this world.

One day she decided she deserves to see her dreams become a reality. Once the fire was lit, The other way around was no option. It's taken her some very small steps as well as some very big jumps to get this far, and this really is only the very beginning of her life. She's still working through her fears, pieces of her shell are still breaking off. She can still be scared to put herself out there. She can still be scared to be uncomfortable. She can still be scared to change what she's been used to her whole life. She's still learning how to value herself and her worth. She's still learning how to love herself fully. She messes up and she starts again. and again. and again. She vows to feel the fear and do it anyway, because her life deserves that. That's where the true growth lies. That means, she will keep putting herself out there, and she will be seen and acknowledged. It first starts with her seeing and acknowledging herself.
She has big dreams and big goals and a deep knowing that she will accomplish them. She will leave an imprint in this world!
SHE IS ME. SHE IS YOU. SHE IS US!!! #internationalwomensday

"Finding one's self and one's path is like walking up on a foggy day. Be patient, and presently the fog will clear, and that which has always been there can be seen. The path is already there to follow." - Rasheed Ogunlaru

So go out and start inspiring :)

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