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Ashley Greene Khoury  #ashleygreene

Happy birthday to the literal life of the party and real life energizer bunny. You never cease to amaze me with your thoughtfulness and your commitment to your friends, family and work. Somehow you balance it all seamlessly again and again... and again. And also ... your immense love for bacon, pickles, and OJ... your ability to consume SO much of each and STILL look the way you do is baffling. Happy birthday @audrhi

📸 by @captnquinn 🧥 by @fahertybrand ❄️ by mammoth

Happy Valentines Day from me and my love. I️ wish for everyone to find someone who makes you feel as safe, worthy and priceless as @paulkhoury makes me feel. Find some one who picks you up when you’re down and who still continues to push you even higher when you’ve landed among the stars ✨ because you’re worth it. I️ love you so much my baybah. More and more every day. #happyvalentinesday #soulmate #mychampion

Rosie, Indy and I are participating in the @ASPCA #CutestCouples campaign to help dogs around the country. Fight for love and enter to win by visiting ( link in bio )

There are few people who can convince me to take a snowball to the face @dylanefron #mammothfilmfestival

Happiness ❤️ .... 📸: @captnquinn

About last night.... @tipsyelves @mammothfilmfestival know how to throw a party.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday 🏈 Let’s go @rams

The cats out of the bag! @antiquitiesfilm is finally out and available on @itunes !! I️ absolutely LOVED playing Ellie... I️ miss her ❤️

Even with chaos, schedules and deadlines (that I’m thankful for) swirling all around me, a quiet moment in this beautiful LA park manages to make everything else fade away. Make sure to breath in the beauty around you this weekend... it’s good for the soul. #weekendvibes #nature #losangeles 📸 @captnquinn

Can’t wait for you guys to see the new season of @stepupseries. I was surrounded by talent and blown away everyday on set. We air 3/20 on YouTube red.. make sure to check it out and meet NINE. link in bio. #stepupseries #stepuphighwater

Do you ever start daydreaming and all you keep thinking about is your husband?? I love this man... with all my heart.