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Ashley Frangie  Mexican photographer and Film maker. Obsessed with hands and short poetry. LA | NY @creamagazine @thefancyarchive

Si algo he tenido en está vida ha sido siempre la gente que me rodea. Gracias al team de mujeres hermosas que hicieron este proyecto conmigo. No tengo como agradecerles. Mis ideas no son nada sin ustedes. Gracias por enseñarme tanto, por tenerme la paciencia del mundo y por estar atacadas de la risa a las 7 AM después de 23 horas de llamado. Mis infinitas gracias.

La baby driver; Eiza Gonzalez x @voguemexico
@eizagonzalez 💕

With the best teams ever:
DP: @jkb_creative
Hair: @hairbyadir
MUA: @amyoresman
Styling: @torengraye

My heart goes out to all of those marching, rallying in #Charlottsville
I cannot understand your hate and your anger. My mind, intelligence and education doesn't allow me to comprehend you.
But I send you love since: "Hatred can be overcome only by love"
May you find the light.

Kate and her purse full of yellow flowers.

Ciao Italia,

You are as beautiful as I remember. I couldn't help but think that I have never thanked you for that one year I lived here. It feels like it was so long ago, I was only a teenager in growing pains.
I arrived to Florence when I was 19, and for the first time in my life I tasted freedom. I was able to go around everywhere without a say, I was responsible for my life, my money, the food I ate, where I slept. It was the first time I felt so free I think that's what I remember the most; that precious moment where I felt liberated. I enjoyed that time of my life so much. I was just discovering who I was. I had no idea I could write, I could photograph, I could be irresponsible. That I could be young and I understood so many things. We had zero money, but we backed packed all of Europe crying laughing. Stealing food, not paying train tickets, sharing meals. It was such a breakthrough in life. I remember sitting outside our cramped apartment and thinking the life that happened away from home. How entire communities happened without me, without anything I knew.
You can say I had a life before Italia and then another after it. After those months, I never came back home. I went back to Mexico, packed my life and went to collage far from where I was born and I haven't lived there ever since. And that wild hair of mine has never been quiet again.
I wanted to see the world so bad. I wanted to be an artist, which before Florence I didn't even knew what that meant. And now that I come back, that I can speak a bit of Italian here and there. I remember those days where I felt so free, so alive.
So I wanted to say thank you. My life has been nothing but a beautiful ride. Thank you. I'm eternally grateful.

A tiny postcard for Klauki from his favorite Italian hotel. I miss you, I love you.

il vento è arrivato

One day my house would have this windows and I will be able see Lake Como from my bed. You are all invited.

I'm instagram is basically Kelle in Italia. Enjoy it.

Young summers in Italia.

Italian topless roomate. #nakedpeoplearethebestpeople

Wishing this was my garden.

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