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Ashley Frangie  Mexican photographer and Film maker. LA. | Grammatically challenged @creamagazine

De los honores de mi vida ser tu hija madre mía. Todo lo que soy empieza y termina contigo.
Te amo por millones de vidas. Gracias.

Venimos al Sur para distraernos de nosotros mismos, y tratar de encontrar lo que creemos que perdimos. No hicimos nada de eso, pero si lloramos de la risa, y de la no tan risa, cantamos las mismas canciones 23 mil veces, bailamos, casi no comimos, pintamos horriblemente, nadamos, manejamos mil horas, escribimos en nuestras libretitas nuevas y nos cocinamos del calor. Gracias. #rafanosabeflotar

My ADD has been trough the roof lately. I haven’t been able to finish reading this months book from my Book Club. I haven’t been paying attention to my hair before I leave my house. I’ve been writing with worst spelling than usual.
I kept waking up in the morning and not playing the my podcast news like I always like it. I showered twice the other day with no means of doing it. I haven’t written poetry in a few weeks.
I am a fan of technology I firmly believe that if the human kind has any chances of surviving this era it will have to be with technology. I not only think technology will elevate the human kind, I think it is our future and a very positive one. But my tiny soul is drained. I keep forgetting to text everyone back, which gives me anxiety. I keep using apps that I do not need. I am not using technology correctly I am not using it to advance and evolve. I’m actually using it pretty shitty which goes against anything I believe in. And I’m stubborn as a cow, and I try to be as coherent as posible.
So I’m gonna take a little break. I’m gonna delete this app for a few weeks. I’m gonna stop stalking you guys and I’m gonna do some self stalking. I’m obsessed with instagram. I’m obsessed with following the people I adore since Its seams I’m always far away. But I’m doing it all wrong. I keep swiping left and right non stop to feed my ADD, instead of enjoying what you guys are doing.
I’ll be back, in a few weeks with probably less ADD and tons of things to say.
Love you.
My beautiful team will continue to update my instagram since I have some beautiful projects coming up and I have old things I have to share.
My email is:

You (we) are not alone.

I’ve spent my life photographing my friends as they grow up next to me. Thank you.

Happy birthday love of mine.
I’m so thankful to the universe that decided that during this life I would be the one holding your hand. I believe that even if we didn’t meet that day in a classroom, our souls would have guided us to each other.
Never in my wildest dreams I thought I would find someone to travel the world with me. To leave at a moments notice, to feel at home everywhere we go. To adventure and venture anywhere we go. To make so many road-trips . So many travels. You ,my love, have been the most beautiful companion ever.
You have showed me how to be still, how to be silent. How the answers come from within. Your patience has showed me to slow down. Your compassion has made me a better human. I admire so much how you are unbreakable in your values. Your kindness toward the world, and the way you move so subtle through life.
Thank you for choosing me to be by your side. To be the one that gets to see you dance Brazilian music in the kitchen. To be the one that sees you grow up. I feel so lucky that you love me so gently, so much. Thank you for allowing the hurricane in me to sleep wrapped around you.

I’m most thankful to the universe that besides so much life, so many galaxies, so much times, moments, and so many worlds, I had the honor of meeting you and loving you.
I love you, always, everywhere, forever.

El guapo de @manu_rulfo para @creamagazine

Aurelia and I went on a field trip to the dunes today. It was so early, but it was lovely.

So happy to be back shooting after almost 2 months in bed. Forver my favorites

The prettiest bride your eyes have ever seen. #chiquita

We have the prettiest magazine in the world and coolest city ever. Gracias @indocumentados 🧡💚

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