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Ashley Flores  #AFtribe #AFtoneup @live_fit_apparel Athlete: Floreslvft10 @1upnutrition Athlete: Flores1up ⬇️12 WEEK TONE UP & SHOP⬇️

Counting my blessings and practicing gratitude 🙏🏽.
Just signed with @1upnutrition for another year and could not be more proud as well as excited! From going to the first supplement company I ever tried to the only one I’ll use 🙌🏽❤️.
Thank you to everyone who supports me by using my discount code: Flores1up too!

When your coach starts teaching you take downs 😇
Although you don’t ever want to think about being attacked or even close enough to a stranger where you think you need to physically defend yourself, I always think it’s important to be prepared. As a woman who has had to defend herself before and has had 2 legitimate stalkers, I feel a small sense of security knowing I am educating myself on self-defense.
There are so many ways to keep yourself protected besides physical combat too. I personally now carry pepper spray, getting a license / classes to become armed for my apartment (I know many don’t agree and I apologize) and just ordered a taser. You really can never be over prepared when it comes to your life.
If you haven’t noticed, I live in all the @live_fit_apparel sports bras. They’re so cute, supportive and comfortable.
Discount: FLORESLVFT10 🖤.
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Find yourself a friend that will lift you up when you’re feeling down. Literally 😏.
@live_fit_apparel retroboom sports bra / save $$ using FLORESLVFT10 🖤
👯‍♀️ @rendregia
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The art of eye contact.

Join the hundreds and start your fitness journey today!! It all starts from within and making the decision to put yourself first!
⠀⠀ Leave this week to meet up @the_cartelle to get some more amazing content going for my #aftribe ❤️🙏🏽.
In the meantime, swipe to find out more about my 2 current programs, the 12 week tone up (full body, workout splits) and 8 week lower body transformation (no upper body workouts provided).
Have any questions? Shoot them my way! 😊
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When I get bored in the gym, I entertain myself by coming up with some creative ass ways to kick my own butt, literally 🍑. I definitely made this look a lot easier than it actually was, trust me 🙃.
May have bloopers of me eating shit, who wants to see it? 😜
My @1upnutrition preworkout not only gives me energy and mental focus but it gives me some creative juices 😏 (oh and lots of sweat 💦 too!). Anyone else can relate? I swear you roll up thinking you’re King Kong or some superhero 🙄💁🏽‍♀️.
Discount: FLORES1UP
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Damn some days you wake up feeling and seeing all your hard work pay off and some days you wake up feeling like you never even showed up. How many of you can relate?
It can be such a mindf*ck and really kill the mood. Why do we let one bad day bring us down so much? Well... not anymore. I need to remind myself that my body fluctuates, it reacts to stress, sodium, water, foods, hormones, LOTS OF SHIIIII. You need to remind yourself this too. Our bodies are our temples, so why not treat them like so. I vow to treat my body, mind and soul with respect, love, positive energy, good thoughts, yummy nutritious food and honor. I challenge you all to take the same vow!
Don’t let one bad day kill your confidence, mindset and progress. You’re a temple, not a tomb. Live, bounce back from setbacks and count your blessings ❤️.

Just wait until I throw my right kick 😮💥 sounds deadly!
Always a killer session with @thomasj_usa 🥊
Wearing the @live_fit_apparel collab muscle tank with @westca from this past weekend in a men’s XL (covers the booty, perfect for those who sweat a lot down there 😬💦). The whole collab drops at 5PM TODAY!
Discount: FLORESLVFT10 🖤.
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Feeling so sore from these. You’re going to want to save this!!
Complete 4 on each leg before starting the next exercise. Complete as many rounds as you can in a minute! Then take 30 seconds rest and get back to it 💦
@1upnutrition just came out with 2 new vegan BCAA flavors: Mango Lime and Raspberry Lemonade 🍋.
Can’t wait to make some slushees with them to curb some sweet tooth cravings while also aiding my recovery - winning!!
Discount: FLORES1UP ❤️
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Have you ever wanted it so badly that you can’t control your emotions?
Have you ever been to the point of physical and mental exhaustion because you don’t want to give yourself rest until you’re finished and proud?
Have you ever cried from frustration because you know you can do it but you’re just struggling?
Those questions define PASSION.
You’re willing to do anything to make it work and to happen. You practice sacrifice. You know the work is worth it. You don’t half ass it, you go full force plus a little more 💯. Light your fire and burn 🔥.
Got my @live_fit_apparel champions cut off on and my team supporting me.
Discount: FLORESLVFT10 🖤
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Current physique👇🏽
Height: 5’3
Weight: 130? Honestly don’t care as long as I’m losing body fat.
BF %: ~12%
Lifting: 3-4 days a week plus 1 boxing session a week.
Cardio: ranges but all steady state as of now.
Diet: 2000-2500cals depending the day. Refeeds 1x a week.
Mental status: happy and not obsessing over working out or food.
Goal: lean out upperbody, keep glutes, trim waist. Overall tone up! Big thanks to my coach @kyedaley for putting up with me!
@live_fit_apparel retroboom sports bra (size small).
Discount: FLORESLVFT10 🖤.
#lvftforever #livefit #transformation #ufcgympartner #ufcgym #ufcgymhuntingtonbeach

Dreaming of being back in Bali for a holiday 💙.
Where do you want to travel to?!

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