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So many people ask how for some stretching tips before doing my @the_cartelle 12 week tone up program so I made this ☺️.
Here’s a little sample stretch flow of what I do before my leg days! I also foam roll anything that’s tight. Personally, I focus more on dynamic stretching & stay away from too much static stretching until after my workout is done ✅.
You can now do a FREE trial with my 12 week tone up 😃. This way you can get an idea of what the program is like! Link is in my bio 🤗.
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The calm before the “I am not human and I can lift anything possible” preworkout feel 🙈🙃.
I know you all know what I’m talking about. Funny story: I once walked into the gym to only realize I left my car running in the parking garage. My ass was READY to go kill it 🤣. -
I always have the most focused, energized and best performing workouts when I take a scoop of my @1upnutrition all in one preworkout. It also has a pump volumizer & endurance complex, aka, hello long lasting pump & strength 😃😍.
Discount: FLORES1UP ❤️.
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How many of you stretch before working out or doing cardio? 🙈.
I used to be awful at it but slowly getting better 😏.
Anywho, @live_fit_apparel just dropped some new unisex joggers yesterday. Go check them out! I’m wearing a size small for reference ☺️.
Discount: FLORESLVFT10 🖤.

Grab a workout buddy and give this fun little circuit a try 👯‍♀️.
Partnered up my love @hardcoreainsley to kill a quick partner workout at @ufcgymhuntingtonbeach and finished it off with this!! 💪🏽😍.
Tag a friend and give it a try!! ❤️.
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Don’t wait until you reach your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every little step you take towards it. Be proud of your progress, especially the progress not everyone sees. Little steps that help are to: Practice gratitude and manifest your future. What you believe on the inside will show on the outside. Eliminate all doubt and believe in yourself. Once you believe your energy and start manifesting, you’ll turn into magic and make it happen 🙏🏽.
Wearing the @live_fit_apparel crop campions hoodie (comes in other colors too!!).
Discount: FLORESLVFT10 🖤.
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Just took this before heading to the beach for some cardio. Feeling extra blessed and thankful this morning 🙏🏽. Already feeling a tremendous amount of love & support from my last post. Love you so much!!! ❤️.
Count your blessings and practice gratitude today - promise it shifts your mindset ☺️.
Loving these new @live_fit_apparel cut off crop hoodies. It pairs perfect with my retroboom shorts. Size small in both.
Discount: FLORESLVFT10 🖤.
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To be completely fucking real, this transformation hurts still to see. Despite the patience and strength I had to get through it, it breaks me at the same time. Not because I am weak but because I see the girl crying for help because she didn’t know how to help herself. I had turned on myself and hated “me” for everything possible. I was at a negative on the self love scale. Believe it or not, the picture on the left from 2015 wasn’t even me at my worst. That’s sad to admit but true. I have been to the point of skin and bones where people would ask if I was eating or if I was depressed. The answer was yes to both. I didn’t have an eating disorder (atleast not at this point, I did have binge eating in 2016-17). I was eating around 2000cals a day but severely depressed. The depression took my body through hell and back. I put the responsibilities on others to make me feel good because I had lost hope in myself. I would cry over the smallest things and seeked love as well as acceptance from anyone and everyone who was willing to give it. I look at that girl and feel all the pain rushing back. Although people may make it through a transformation and “recover,” it doesn’t mean that they don’t still struggle. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t still fighting it daily or in pain. It’s a battle and a story. We all have them and some are just surviving in the end versus actually living. Like most, I’ve gone through all shapes and sizes. I’ve been in all sorts of different mental states and mindsets. Some really good and some really bad. I’m here to tell you the raw truth, IT FUCKING SUCKS 10000% BUT YOU CAN DO IT. You can and will be strong enough to get to the other side. It may not be your final destination and along the journey will come other bridges to cross & detours to take but you will get there. No matter how long it takes, how hard it gets or how badly you want to quit on yourself. DON’T! Don’t be like the old me and lose all hope. Don’t be like the old me and think that trying and failing once means to stop completely. I believe in you like I should have believed in myself from the beginning. And Incase no one has told you today, I love you & you’re beautiful ❤.

Morning routines set the mood for your day. Believe it or not, Small habits you build at the beginning of your day will set a tone and standard for the rest of it ☀️.
My morning routine consist of:
▫️brushing my teeth, washing my face and if I’m lucky, use the bathroom 🌈🤣 (too honest? Ha).
▫️having a cup of coffee. I like mine black with sugar free mocha ☕️.
▫️having a glass of my @1upnutrition vegan greens as well as my multivitamin and daily cleanse. You can save using discount code: flores1up.
▫️journaling or reading some daily promises / self affirmations (hugs and kisses to ya self 😘).
What is your morning routine? Make sure you comment below and tell me! ❤️.

Ughhh I know this is babyweight for a lot of you but with my neck & back this is something extremely hard for me so be nice please 🙃🙏🏽. How many of you remember this from my story a few months ago?
I can already point out my 2 biggest mistakes here (I know there’s more!):
1. Didn’t control myself going down (too fast).
This doesn’t mean that if I changed either one of these mistakes, I would have gotten back up but it does show that there were things I could have changed the second time around that I never took.
I had let this one failed attempt dictate my entire mindset during my workout aka it turned shitty real quick. Who else can relate?
On instagram were always showcasing the highs of our lives, our absolute best. I’m here today to show you one of my failures that I will soon make a success 😜. I know it’s extremely easy to let the lows consume you but you need to always remind yourself that there are always other circumstances that play huge roles. When you find yourself being a little negative Nancy, remind yourself, mindset is everything and you have full control. It’s not a bad day, just a bad 5 minutes of it. You have control of the rest 🙌🏽❤️.
Rocking my @live_fit_apparel outline long sleeve in all black because it makes me feel extra badass 😈🤣.
Discount: FLORESLVFT10 🖤.
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Okay this is a game changer & a must try, PROMISE 😍🍑💥.
Make sure you save & like this ❤️.
Grab a dumbbell & give this cannonball variation a try 🎯. Keep the eccentric movement slow and then use your glutes & quads to fire back up 🔥.
I superset it with crossovers to keep my heart rate high (hello fat burning 💦) & burn out my leggies. Homie @_joeandrews gave it his approval so it must be good 💁🏽‍♀️.
My @1upnutrition BCAAs were a must on this leg day. I could already tell I was going to be extra sore and needed it. Besides, who doesn’t like sipping on something sweet mid workout? Or is that just me.. ha awkward 🐢.
Discount: FLORES1UP
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Don’t be sad, because sad backwards is das, and das not good 😆.
@live_fit_apparel outline sports bra. Save using discount code:
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