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I watched this last night and it just proves everything I thought! I would defo recommend watching on Netflix it's called "what the health".
I have been on and off vegetarian since I was about 8 as I hated the thought of eating meat when I found out what it was but because of everyone telling me I have to eat it etc I did. Not only that I have constantly been in and out of the Drs since I can remember, always picking up everything I had a really weak immune system, I also found out a few years ago I couldn't tolerate gluten so that has a large factor to do with it but over two years ago I fully went back to being not eating meat, anyway in Feb I decided to cut out fish and dairy and I can tell you from my personal experience I haven't been ill at all, I used to constantly be on antibiotics and have stomach problems, I feel so much better so from my personal experience and how I feel and the fact that I don't get ill and my immune system is strong due to plant based diet ♥️ I just thought I would share this as the documentary just confirmed how I personally felt, we all know what's going on is wrong deep down, I don't really share much about my personal life and opinions but this I truly feel needs to be shared and people need to open eyes to what's going on and if I can help any one with vegan alternatives dm me as the food is yum if you just know what to change as we have been brainwashed to have it in everything 😘😘 that booty is all vegan also 🍑

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