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ashleyalongo  CFL1, CPT, PN1 Nutrition Coach @Fnx_fit - FNXAL15 @ashann_fitness

Sundays are for @yeti coolers, hot boyfriends, and cold beer. ☀️☀️☀️
#MCM #yeti #hesobsessed #helluvalife

Replenishing your body with nutrients after you work out is super important for recovery, and for helping your muscles grow! @fnx_fit is my go to brand for all of my supplement needs. Their products provide my body with clean fuel, and they donate a gallon of clean water to a child in need for every purchase that is made.. for me, that alone makes spending my money with them worth it! I would never promote a brand that I don’t full heartedly stand behind. Check them out, and use my code FNXAL15 for a 15% discount on your entire order! (PS. The coconut water is not fnx, but it is how I get some quick carbs during and after my workout!) #iLive #RiseTogether #fnxfit #brandbassador

Making healthy choices isn’t hard, and it certainly doesn’t have to be boring. You should enjoy what’s on your plate at every meal. Salad is my go to for an easy lunch because I love it, and can constantly change up what I put on top for variety! #eattherainbow #inthezone #foodisfuel #lunch

My heart is so full ❤️

What is it about lifting with the men’s bar that makes it feel SO much heavier??? 🤔🏋🏼‍♀️ #atleastthemusicwasonpoint #2000spunkthrowback

My knee is not happy with me. But I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to (I think?) PR my 3 position power clean [plus a jerk just for fun, because we all know that struggle is not real for me] 🍗🏋🏼‍♀️ #growlegsgrow #weightliftingwednesday #crossfit
P.S. Thanks to @cf_kmalz for the words of encouragement and coaching 🤗

You know you’re getting old when two days after flag football you’re still SO sore that lifting is a serious struggle #slowmotion #thisisalmost30 #coedsportsaresupposedtobeactiverecovery

No matter what ups & downs life throws our way, I promise I will always be by your side #mancrushforeverandever #myfavoritehuman

Shoutout to this beautiful girl for making her first communion, and for giving me a reason to wear my very first romper of the year. #romperseason #rulesaremadetobebroken #sorryjoe

No matter how old we get I promise to never stop kicking people out of tables, taking excessive amounts of selfies together, or making jokes about loose clams so loud in restaurants that @joeli_11 threatens to make me leave. I love you all (we missed you @lindsayaddazio!), thanks for all the MOMeries we’ve made over the years. #TBT #oneofusisthirty #kimsdirtythirty #sisters #moms

#TBT to that time earlier today that @ibemcrae video bombed me and I had to watch it 3 times before I noticed because that 3 second pause at 90% is no joke. #invictusweightlifting #ouch

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