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Ashley Adelberg  let me pet your dog. please. XXVI.II.MCMXCVIII -- NYU '21 Ford NYC/LA

it's college season and everyone's just tryna find the cool spots to hang out.
here's one you may or may not have tried--try it out at your location stoplight!!

I know lots of kids are getting nervous about fall coming and school starting and stuff. so let me tell you how to best prepare. don't stop enjoying summer. just start enjoying it in winter clothing. when you average that out it's basically fall already and you're like oh thanks Ashley, now I feel ready.
I can't help you with the school stuff though, that's on you

last time I was here I was a mere junior naturalist. technically I haven't passed a test for a "full" naturalist but I'm a legal adult now so nothing junior bout that !!

my shins are the same colors as this book right now... just not as shiny. #relatingtobooks

I'm so excited to see my pups but I'm also going to confess that sometimes I feel guilty because these dogs reeeally make me question my loyalty to my own... so I think my only choice here is to accept that I'm a bad person who can't be saved and my punishment is living with that guilt.

p.s. thank you for letting me pet your dog, much appreciated.

so it's 1 and I'm not yet sure what state I'll be in tonight and the train leaves in an hour and I should probably pack more than what I'm wearing and a toothbrush but it's my favorite weather I'm cozy in my special chair 🤗

hey y'all how's it going
just wanted to add to my little timeline here that I'm now working with Ford Models and I'm SUPER SUPER psyched about it, like the kind of psyched you get right before you drop on a rollercoaster that's REALLY TALL and doesn't spin and make you sick. Anddddd I get all these little warm butterflies and other happy tingles when I think about it and I think I might be sweating in this photo because I'm excited ?? Okkkie dokie so yeah enough for now, more to come later 😍🙈🎉
See ya again soon NYC

I found a piece of gum in my pocket from a few days ago and half of it was melted to my pants but the other half was delicious #optimism

the amount of times I tried to drink out of this coffee stirrer, thinking it was a straw, really disappoints me.

this is remembering what white sneakers look like. mine haven't been white since 2015
(p.s. these still aren't mine)

believe it or not, this is the most flexible I've ever been

It's been a hell of a year let me tell ya.
Best is yet to come

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