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Idk Bruins first round playoff was pretty cool I guess

I’m a day late but here’s to hoping you didn’t die yesterday.. I’m glad you can finally legally do now what you’ve been doing for the past 7 years! V thankful to have a friend like you, much love💕

My little racer won TWICEEE this weekend!!🏎♥️

Thanks for yet another successful adventure, every day with you is a good one💕

A special happy birthday to my forever friend - I can’t believe you’re finally legal!! Much love, have the best day💕

Nowhere else I’d rather be & no one else I’d rather be with, I love ya💕

Happy Vday to my other half - you make my world a better place & I love you endlessly💕

Officially crossed Pappy 10year off the bucket list, thanks babe💕🥃 #spoiledAF #pappyvanwinkle

Eagles ain’t gonna know what hit ‘em #PatsByaMillion 🏈 #FamilyGreatly #KraftEntry

My best friend leaves for the other side of the world today which sucks but also now I have an excuse to go to Italy this year.. I love you, have the time of your life, and bring good wine home 💜🍷

Little man tore it up on the track today🤙🏼 #proudauntie

I’m hiring @paxtonpittman as my personal photographer

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