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Ashley Cook  give love. speak truth.

"we all need words that call us to action." i couldn't agree more. we also need people who say yes and take a big step before they feel fully ready. jacquelyn, so glad you took this stage. you are more ready than you realize and your example is my challenge.

sunday best.

mom, you have been my greatest teacher. your steady feet have taught me unconditional love. your generous words have taught me the importance of speaking kindness over people, often. your open hands have taught me the power of giving. your eyes for others have taught me how to see the needs around me- and, more importantly, how to step into those needs. your heart for God has shown me what it means to have faith, even when the unthinkable becomes your reality. your hard steps have taught me that the narrow road of right will always be better than immediate easy. your understanding of value has taught me that money buys you little in this big life. your treasured relationships and continuous give to those who have nothing to give in return has taught me to hold onto things greater than what money can buy. your life is one big generous, joyful give. you know how to make any room, any day, any situation beautiful. i have so much to learn- continually grateful to be able to learn from you. i love you, mom!

my difference makers. // we rise and fall according to the people we give our time to. our potential is found in those we are following. follow wisely. find people who will give you equal doses of challenge and encouragement. people who will leave you with only one option- to take big steps right behind them. people who you've watched walk a steady journey in the right direction, regardless of circumstances. people sold out to choosing right over easy. you two are all of this and more. to say that i am better because of your place in my life would be an understatement. if i can be to one what the two of you have been to me- i will feel hugely accomplished.

this little girl has the best momma! couldn't be more excited about your next chapter, amy.

april reminders. // light will always hold more power than the dark. shine light, speak light, hold tight to light. give your mind to the good and grace-full. fill you heart with the simple reminders of honest and true. remember best, celebrate good, carry light everywhere you go!

you will never not be my favorite.

and everything is turned to one's advantage when he greets a situation like this: you are the very thing i was looking for.

ash, you have left each one of us better. you love big and give all. passionate and determined, you will only continue to see big things. here's to you and all that is ahead!

love made a way- and this changes everything.

determination will only continue to get you places. never stop showing up. never stop giving all to the things that you love. and always, always keep leadership front and center- on and off the court. abigail, your team will always be stronger while you're a part of it.

saturday, you were a real dream.

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