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Ashley Chiocco  In a constant battle between sweet and savory brunch menu items | Los Angeles, CA 🍪 Elba, NY

Completely overcome with gratitude for our family and friends who never cease to go above and beyond for us. We are so lucky to have each and everyone of you in our lives. Thank you for making us feel loved and important and for partying with us like the world was ending. Last night was one for the books - I can only imagine what our August party will look like! (Swipe over for more pics!) #roccosmodernwife

You guys, in the 7th grade (and if we're being honest, all the way up thru college) my AOL Instant Message screen name was SparklySprinkle2. Can you even IMAGINE what 12 year old me would think/say if she knew one day she'd be laying in a POOL of sprinkles with her secret crush?!

When you've been growing your own mint for years now, but the world is finally getting it.

Sometimes you need a different vantage point to re-remember just how magical your city is. We love ya LA.

I love that you are always pristinely dressed, even when you're just going to the gym. I love that you have a weird and complex relationship with Kobe Bryant that I'll never fully understand the extent of. I love that you don't drink coffee, but will come anywhere with me in search for the next great cup. I love that you take one egg with an English muffin, but two eggs with a bagel. I love that ill be able call you my husband in less than three months. I love that you were born exactly 27 years ago so that I could eventually find you and tell you how much I love you. Happy Birthday to the star of all my snapchats and instastories, I love you always!

Found a new hobby: bookshelf styling 😂. But seriously, still cannot get over how bright and airy our new home is!

"I just like this pic." - Kim Kardashian.

This guy: worked at least 10 hours everyday this week and still came home and single handedly packed up our entire apartment. He didn't complain once and never even batted an eye when I just sat there playing Candy Crush (😐😏). Hardest working and most determined human I've ever known. I don't deserve him, and I never will. He, however, deserves a medal🏅🏆

IM SORRY BUT I HAVE TO SHARE THIS...the moment everyone starts to realize there's someone posing with a camera is the funniest/weirdest thing I've ever seen. Im obsessed with you all. @meggymcschmeggy @tayben1428 @amy3liza @jake_shuknecht @teejslipko @rikkimongoose @emmyh1990 #hellobenjaminfranklin #sippinofftoboston #roccosmodernwife

We're packing up our apartment for our move this weekend and I can't help but feel so bittersweet. This was our second apartment together, but our first real grown up feeling apartment. That fire place kept us warm and cozy during El Niño nights and our coffee table hosted many a pre-game rounds of Up the River Down the River. We'll tell our kids about this apartment and how we lived here for the majority of our engagement, young and stupidly in love. I'll forever be grateful for little #203 and the fun and love shared between these walls.

Summer, are you there? It's me Ashley!☀️#SoCal #Palisades #PoolDay

Happy G-Day to you and yours.

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