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Ashley B Richard✨  Jerry's Wife 👰🏽💍 Bella+Jayden👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Brand Ambassador 🤳🏼📸 Would Like To Collab? Ashleybrionne@yahoo.com 📥

Need a tummy makeover? 😱 @flattummyco you know I do. I’ve been pretty bad lately at
keeping myself in check so I’m back on my Flat Tummy Shake program and I’m ready to get this tummy back to where it needs to be. I just heard their having a 20% OFF Sale right now so I’m letting you guys know so you can get on this. This meal replacement program is actually unreal, and I’ve seen some other women get some pretty incredible results. So if you’re due for a tummy makeover.. check them out!🤪

As i say goodbye to being pregnant i can focus more on my businesses . I’ll be updating @beauty.bath.bombs website and Instagram , Im also excited to say I’ll be opening up an online boutique that ranges from size small to XL Summer 2018 🎊 I’ve been working sooo hard on my brands and my products , i can’t wait to share my vision with y’all 🤗I’m so thankful i had the opportunity to take a few months off to focus on my health and my daughter’s well being , but now it’s time to get back to work 💵☺️👩🏾‍💻 #businesswoman #stayathomemom #thecutlife #shorthair #thankful #mommytobe #pregnancy #babybump #mommyandme #pregnancyglow #pregnantandperfect #babystagram #babybelly #mommymode #pregnancyjourney #firsttimemom #prettyandpregnant

Got cravings? Duh. Who doesn’t!? But @flattummyco have just the thing for me. Their Meal Replacement Shakes are exactly what I need to keep my cravings in check. I’m all about a slice of pizza every now and again. But usuallyyyy one slice leads to two, which leads to three, then all the sudden I’ve finished the whole thing! So enough is enough. It’s time for me to kick these cravings and start trying to see some serious results in my tummy. So if you’ve got cravings... you need to try these Shakes because trust me, they’re legit.

I swear i grew OVERNIGHT! Bella is eating good, sleeping good, and taking all my lil energy 😴 Hello #8Months! 💕 thank you @biooilusa for keeping me stretch mark free 🤗 #thecutlife #shorthair #thankful #mommytobe #pregnancy #babybump #mommyandme #pregnancyglow #pregnantandperfect #babystagram #babybelly #mommymode #pregnancyjourney #firsttimemom #prettyandpregnant

Did you know it’s National Cookie Day? Well... @flattummyco does, and they’re having a FLASH SALE. Since I’m already loving my Flat Tummy Shakes, I’m definitely gonna get my hands on some of their detox tea that’s 20% off right now. Because oh my god... I need it 😕

#Ad Soooo it’s Valentine’s day, and @sneakyvaunt is definitely doing it right. Haven’t you heard?? They’re having a special V day sale, so all their push-ups are 20% off! Yup, doesn’t get any better than that, so if you girls have been waiting to get your hands on one of these, now’s the perfect time. I know what mine has been doing for me, and let’s just say I like the endless outfit possibilities… but I love the cleavage. Only push-up that will actually MAKE your outfit, so check them out while they’re on sale!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you my love , from your girls and Jayden 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 we L❣️VE youuuu ! #BlackLove #TheRichards #famILY #7months #MyFamily

#Ad What are you girls doing this V day? Well, I know one thing you should be… hitting up @sneakyvaunt’s sale! It’s no secret that I love their push-ups, and what they do for my girls & outfit options, so it’s no surprise I absolutely need mine to make my Valentine’s day outfit work - not going into details, but it’s a bit daring! Trust me girls, 20% off isn’t a sale you want to miss, so check out sneakyvaunt.com, and grab a push-up for yourself.

#Ad Hey y’all 👋🏽😍 Ok so I’m just a few days into my Tummy Bootcamp from @flattummyco and I’m loving these results. Their Shake It Baby program is actually amazing. Each shake is literally packed with vitamins and minerals, and they only take me about 30 seconds to make. The girls at Flat Tummy HQ have some unreal challenges going on you have to check out. I can’t wait to finish off this program and see where I’m at.

Highlight from @thecrayoncase shines bright like a DIAMOND 💎 I couldn’t help but to stand out ❣️😘🤷🏽‍♀️ #CrayonCase #BlackIsBeautiful #mommytobe #pregnancy #babybump #mommyandme #pregnancyglow #pregnantandperfect #babystagram #babybelly #mommymode #pregnancyjourney #firsttimemom

in less than 100 days I’ll have a mini-me in my arms 🤱🏽 I’ll have to share my throne 🙄 but in my eyes she will always be mommy’s little girl 💕👶🏽 Love, mommy 🥀 #thankful #mommytobe #pregnancy #babybump #mommyandme #pregnancyglow #pregnantandperfect #babystagram #babybelly #mommymode #pregnancyjourney #firsttimemom

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