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ASHLEE・ARSON  Alternative Muse Musician Vegan LBC ▪ LA ▪ OC Snap @killashleearson Future Creations⤵ [email protected]

Eulogy kicked ass, Cro-Mags are on NOW!

Kitty is sick of your shit. #itsonlymonday

By far, the coolest shirt that's ever embraced my wardrobe with its presence.

Part 2 of our anniversary extravaganza! We had a blast hiking today! Just look at this stellar view of Long Beach. Such a romantic sunset💟💟💟The sky was on fire

Happy Anniversary, my love. I'm hooked on you.

This man, right fucking here, is THE perfect human. It's our anniversary tomorrow, and I still wake up everyday purely elated that he's in my life. I didn't think humans like him actually existed. Jimmy Coffin, you treat me better than I ever thought I deserved. You are the most patient, talented, giving, honest, witty individual I've ever had the honor of having in my life. You make me proud to be your girlfriend. I feel perfectly at home with you. I love you more than yesterday, yet less than tomorrow. Thank you for displaying what love really fucking is. I've never been so happy, comfortably weird or accepted by someone who is as terrifically flawless as you... And yeah,@coffinjimmy, let's make this year our bitch. . I love you more than yesterday, yet less than tomorrow. I don't care if I said it twice. I am just so fucking lucky. #cutebootytoo

Look at Kacie and @tori_lux and myself at the redwood partying without you last Sunday. We saw Tenacious D. It rocked, and you missed it. #longhairs #thatsfuckingteamwork #wheressara #mywitches

I will not sit down. I will defend. My body is my own. My will is my own. The female form is not shameful, but your actions against me are. I am my own weapon, and I fight the Fuck back. We must stick together. Feminism is all inclusive. #internationalwomensday #backthefuckoffmybody #feminism #ownit #defend #fight #revolt #mybodyismyweapon #666 #iamwoman #venus #writingbackwardsishard #womyn

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